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2018 IFS Technical Conference
10 May 2018 - 11 May 2018
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Webinar on a new carbon footprint calculation process is now viewable online

The IFS webinar on a new carbon footprint estimation tool for fertiliser production is now viewable online

This webinar presented a new online tool for calculating the carbon footprint associated with the production of various fertiliser products. The tool covers all activities, from raw material mining through to the final product at the factory gate, ready for dispatch. Users can tailor the tool to fit individual situations, by using their own values for all parameters, to reflect a specific production unit. 

A recording of this webinar, including questions and answers, can be viewed here:  (The quality is imperfect for the first two or three minutes, but then improves.)

It was organised by the IFS and presented by Bjarne Christensen, based on his work that has been commissioned by Fertilizers Europe.