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24 Apr 2017 - 26 Apr 2017
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29 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017
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The Fertiliser Society - History

The International Fertiliser Society was founded in 1947 (as the Fertiliser Society) for individuals who have a professional interest in any aspect of fertiliser production, marketing and use.

The history of fertiliser has largely shaped political, economic, and social circumstances in their traditional uses. Many of the notable technological developments in fertilisers have been documented by the Society over the last 65 years, and much progress which has been made over this time in the practical use of fertilisers. Some prophecies had been fulfilled while other expectations have not been achieved. The focus has shifted in recent times and now research often first considers agronomic and environmental objectives compared with the historic over-riding need for food production after War War II.


Membership is personal and is open to all; it currently covers almost 50 countries world-wide.