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L Nagarajan
750 2014 Towards Fertilisers for Improved Uptake by Plants
H Navsaria
674 2010 A Fertiliser Company Approach to Improving Process Safety Performance
P Needham
211 1982 Nitrogen in Wheat Production: Responses, Interactions and Predictions of Nitrogen Requirements in the UK
J J Neeteson
262 1987 A Dynamic Model to Predict Yield and Optimum Nitrogen Fertiliser Application Rate for Potatoes
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
595 2006 Need And Opportunities To Reduce Phosphorus Inputs, Soil Supply and Loss from Agriculture in The Netherlands
634 2008 Marine Algal Biomass for Energy Regeneration and Possible Phosphorus Recovery
688 2011 Nutrient and Carbon Cycling in Agro-Ecosystems and their Interactions with Ecosystem Services. 27th Francis New Memorial Lecture
G Nelson
79 1963 Rapid Analytical Control Methods in Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
79 1963 Application of Continuous Infra-Red Gas Analysis to the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide in Contact Acid Plant Exit Gas
Th Nesme
718 2012 Unpublished
P M Neumann
524 2003 Foliar Nutrition of Protected Crops
567 2005 Nutrient Uptake Efficiency at the Soil-Root Interface: Interactions with Water Stress
J P Newell Price
789 2016 Updating Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations: Principles and Practice
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
Prof. D M Newitt
55 1959 Mechanism of Granule Formation
D J D Nicholas
10 1950 Uses of Aspergillus Niger for Determining Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum and Manganese in Soil and Plants
F A Nicholson
742 2014 Sulphur Availability from Organic Materials Applied to Winter Wheat
790 2016 Crop Available Nitrogen Supply from Food-based Digestate
J E Nicholson
32 1955 Methods used by Manufacturers to Reduce the Corrosive Effect of Fertilisers on Fertiliser Distributing Machines
Hugh Nicol
39 1956 Manuring of Greenhouse Crops
W T Nobel
602 2007 Ammonia Plant Energy-saving Project: Design and Implementation
L Nøhr-Nielsen
481 2001 Maintenance and Inspection Procedures for the Improvement of Productivity and Safety in Fertiliser Plants
Rolf Nordengren
33 1955 First Installation of a Phosphoric Acid Plant According to the Anhydrite Method at Vercelli, Italy
Sven Nordengren
2 1947 Granulation of Phosphatic Fertiliser - Theory and Practice
33 1955 First Installation of a Phosphoric Acid Plant According to the Anhydrite Method at Vercelli, Italy
R J Nunn
42 1957 Use of Different Types of Phosphate Rock in Single and Triple Superphosphate Production
K Nutall
206 1982 Case for Good Distribution in Steam Reforming Furnaces
R Nyborg
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks

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