Delegates at the 2019 IFS Agronomic Conference enjoyed stimulating presentations and conversation

Our 2019 Conference, held on 12-13 December at Robinson College, Cambridge, featured eleven papers, covering topics such as measuring N indicators and budgets, the role of cover crops within crop nutrient regimes, new technology to manage the application of nutrients in manure in real time, the nutritional role and contribution of silicon, and a review […]

Investigative work into potential new materials to reduce slurry emissions wins the ‘Most Noteworthy Poster’ award at the 2019 IFS Agronomic Conference

The poster that was voted ‘Most Noteworthy’ by delegates at the 2019 IFS Agronomic Conference was by Ian Kavanagh et al. from Teagasc, the Irish Government extension service. It was titled ‘Mitigation of ammonia emissions from stored cattle slurry using waste acidifiers and chemical amendments’. The poster described experimental work to measure the effectiveness of […]

The 2019 IFS Agronomic Conference is on track to attract a record number delegates

With just a few days left to register, cumulative registrations to date are running ‘neck and neck’ with those of the 2018 Conference, which attracted the highest number of delegates in recent times. Society Secretary Steve Hallam commented, ‘It looks as if the combination of a strong and relevant theme for the papers, plus the large […]