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Council is elected from among the members of the Society, and Council elects its own President. Members of Council normally serve for 3 years - the term can be extended to 6 if re-elected - and meet 2-3 times per year. The main function of Council is to decide on the topics and authors for the presentations at Meetings and Conferences, and also to oversee the running of the Society. Council appoints a Secretary to organise the Society's affairs.

Luc Maene

Luc Maene - President

Luc Maene is a Belgian national. He graduated from the University of Gent in 1970 with a degree in agricultural engineering and soil science. He joined the Belgian Administration for Development Cooperation. During this time he was lecturing in soil science and soil conservation and responsible for research in these fields, along with project evaluation. In 1982, he joined the United Nations as the Team Leader of the Fertilizer Advisory, Development and Information Network for Asia and the Pacific, based in Bangkok. In 1987, he joined IFA, first as its Executive Secretary responsible for Agro-Economic and Technical matters, later as its Deputy Secretary General, Secretary General and finally Director General. Luc Maene has been during many years Vice Chairman of the Board of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). He is past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fertilizer Industry Round Table (FIRT). He was a member of the Board of Directors of CEDAP, the French organization of Association Leaders and is Immediate Past President of the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE). He has served on The Center for Association Leadership Board of Directors. He was awarded a Doctorate honoris causa in Agriculture by the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2006. He is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture of the University Putra Malaysia. He is a recent awardee of the International Fertiliser Society's prestigious Francis New medal.


Tibaut Theys - Vice President

A Biochemical engineer, Tibaut started his career in 1995 as a Process Engineer in Prayon, working on purified acid technology. In 1997 he joined the fertilizer grade technology team.

In 2002 he became commercial manager. The technologies offered include Phosphoric acid and related technologies along with Profile, another division of Prayon, for the fabrication equipment as filters, agitators droplets separators and so on.

From 2004 to 2006 he worked as improvement engineer in a production plant manufacturing vernis. In 2006 he worked as project manager in De Smet promoting renewable energy technologies.

In 2010 he joined back Prayon as Process Manager. He is a member of a team of specialist in charge of the design, the operation and the survey of phosphoric acid plant.

in 2013 he became General Manager of Prayon Technologies. He is in charge of the relation with customers as well as the team and division daily management.


Antoine Hoxha - Past President

Antoine Hoxha has Masters Degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Enginnering, a PhD in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and an MBA. He has worked at the Universities of Liege and Warwick, and was a project manager at Prayon Technologies. He is now the Technical Director of Fertilizers Europe, based in Brussels.




Keith Goulding

Sustainable Soils Research Fellow, Rothamsted Research

Keith joined Rothamsted in 1974 after completing a Masters in soil chemistry at Reading University. He completed a PhD in soil chemistry at Imperial College in 1980 while working at Rothamsted. His research has included the supply to crops of potassium and phosphorus from the soil, soil acidification and liming, and nutrient cycling. He has presented papers to the IFS on soil acidity and liming, fertiliser use, and organic farming. He oversaw the revision of the Fertiliser Recommendations (RB209) to create the Fertiliser Manual.


Keith is a Visiting Professor at the University of Nottingham, an Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter and at China Agricultural University, and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Reading. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists and a Chartered Scientist. He was was awarded the Royal Agricultural Society of England's (RASE) Research Medal in 2003 for research into diffuse pollution from agriculture and elected an Honorary Fellow of the RASE in 2010.


Christian Kabbe

 Since 2011 Christian Kabbe has been working at the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water where he covers the field of nutrient recovery and recycling. He coordinated the EU project P-REX ( from 2012-2015 dealing with demonstration and assessment of nutrient recovery and recycling routes from wastewater. Christian Kabbe is a member of various European and national working groups and bodies dedicated to nutrient recycling in a circular economy. He leads the working group "nutrients" within the EIP-WATER Action Group ARREAU and is a member of the EIP-AGRI focus group on nutrient recycling.

He is member of the board of both the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform and the German Phosphorus Platform. After joining the German EPA (Umweltbundesamt) as policy advisor and head of laboratory in 2008, he promoted the development of a reality based national roadmap towards sustainable phosphorus management and therefore initiated the sewage sludge ash monitoring program conducted by BAM 2013/2014. Christian Kabbe worked as head of laboratory and production manager (mixing, compounding extrusion, granulation and testing) in the chemical industry from 2003-2008. He finished his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2003 after having studied Chemistry in the nineties.

Andrew Kells pic

Andrew Kells

Currently Staff Scientist (Fertilizer T&I) for SABIC, Andrew has held a variety of technical, commercial and production positions over the last twelve years.  His current focus is on the development of new fertiliser products and technologies.

Thierry Genter pic Thierry Genter

Thierry Genter graduated from the Agronomical National Institute of Paris-Grignon where he gained a Doctorate in Biology in 1995. After two years in the National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), where he worked on nitrogen use efficiency by stable isotope labelling, he joined the French fertiliser company Grande Paroisse.  As an agronomist, he managed research programs on nitrogen and sulphur foliar application. He also steered environmental R&D projects with the French public research institute (INRA) and he has developed an expertise in Gothenburg protocol issues.

In 2006, he was a founding member of the French Product Information Group on ammonium nitrate, which was taken forward as DAN at the European level by Fertilizers Europe in 2013. An ardent supporter of the sustainable fertilisation concept, he is co-inventor of N-Pilot, a sensor to estimate the nitrogen requirement of plants during the growing season. He is a member of the Council of the French Committee for Sustainable Fertilisation (COMIFER).

Development Manager at GPN from 2006 to 2013, he is currently InnoTech Competence Center Fertilizer Manager at Borealis.

Thierry Genter is a Chevalier in France's National Order of Merit in Agriculture.

  Anthony Zanelli

Anthony Zanelli holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Operations and a Master degree in Business Administration and is working in the fertilizer industry since 1991.  Having various operational roles within ICL Phosphates, Anthony Zanelli Is appointed in his current role since 2013 and is responsible for the European phosphate commodity operations of ICL Phosphate.

 Wright cropped


Jonathan Wright

Jonathan is Commercial Manager for Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd. His involvement with a regional blending company, working closely with their farmer customers, enables him to provide Council with a valuable counterpoint to those of members from a range of producers.


Chris Dawson

Chris joined the Society in 1980 and served for many years on Council, becoming President in 1989.  Chris Dawson served as Secretary to the Society from 1997 to 2010.  He was awarded the Francis New Memorial Medal in 2008 and is now an Honorary Member.


Jan-Petter Fossum

Jan-Petter is currently senior vice president and head of the corporate HESQ function (safety, security, health, environment, quality, product stewardship). He was previously head of corporate process safety department and in the period of 1999-2009  SVP and Plant Manager at Yara Glomfjord and Yara Porsgrunn, the last years also being combined with Regional head of Production, Scandinavia. All together he has 30 years of experience in Norsk Hydro, and in Yara International from 1984.

Hein ten Berge

Hein ten Berge is a senior scientist at Plant Research International,  Wageningen UR. Studied soil science at Wageningen University and obtained a PhD in soil physics and micrometeorology (1986). Worked in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia. Topics included soil energy balance, water balance and rice crop modelling; optimising N use in rice; capacity building in eight Asian countries; nitrate leaching; soil fertility management and organic matter; and outreach of knowledge to practitioners in sustainable farming and forestry using web semantics.

He has also co-ordinated two research programmes commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture to WUR-DLO (Implementation of the Nitrates Directive; Sustainable Soil Management) and chaired a national committee to set the protocol for crop N requirement values under the ND.