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2018 IFS Agronomic Conference
5 Dec 2018 - 7 Dec 2018
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The Society welcomes members from all areas – students and researchers, fertiliser manufacturers, distributors and advisers, agriculturalists, technical specialists, environmentalists and regulators – to discuss recent advances in fertiliser research and application, and to explore how these developments can help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Society was founded in 1947 as a learned society and in over 70 years of activity has regularly held meetings.  These provide an excellent forum for debate and for contacting others involved in fertilisers, crop production and the environment.  The scientific and technical papers presented at these Conferences and Meetings are published for the benefit of members as the Proceedings of the International Fertiliser Society (ISSN 1466-1314) and now number more than 820 in total.  Copies of these Proceedings are available to non-members from the Secretary.  The subjects covered range from raw material mining and shipping, through fertiliser plant design, production techniques, safety, distribution and marketing, to fertiliser usage, crop production and environmental management. 

The Society has held residential Conferences since 1992, which have brought together Members and non-membersfrom all disciplines and from many countries.  The subjects of these Conferences have included sustainability and best practice, responsibility for food production and the environment and precision agriculture. Also featured has been the production and use of micronutrients, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and nitrogen fertilisers.

Increasing technical and commercial pressures make the benefits of membership of the International Fertiliser Society ever more valuable.  The opportunities to be gained from the information contained in the Proceedings of the Society and from the building of a network of contacts are relevant to all with an interest in fertiliser production and use.  Annual Membership costs £80, including VAT.

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We offer students, up to postgraduate level, free Membership of the Society for up to three years.  Download a Student Membership form.