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2019 Dhalia Greidinger symposium
4 Mar 2019 - 6 Mar 2019
2019 IFS Technical Conference
4 Jun 2019 - 5 Jun 2019
2019 IFS Agronomic Conference
12 Dec 2019 - 13 Dec 2019
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New elements to IFS Conference

There are two new additions to the 2017 IFS Agronomic Conference, to provide new interest and enjoyment for the delegates.

At this year's Agronomic Conference, held at Cambridge, UK on 7-8 December, we are trialling two new additions for delegates to enjoy.

On the Wednesday afternoon and / or on the Friday afternoon (depending on demand) we have set up a guided walking tour of historic Cambridge, more information here.

In addition, we are organising a free team quiz game for an hour after the dinner on Wednesday evening. By mixing everyone into 4-5 person quiz teams this will enable delegates to get to know each other better, and thus hopefully get more from the Conference.