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Issue 4 of Fertiliser Update has been published

Available free to IFS Members, Issue 4 has a typically varied mix of articles.

This issue contains four articles.  The first is by Marion DeMortier, of rayon, describing a comparison between different complexing agents of iron in solution and their application in ferti-irrigation systems.  The second is by Andreas Carstensen, of the University of Copenhagen, on his impressions of the 2017 IFS Agronomic Conference, from a 'New Face'.

The third article is something different for a fertiliser organisation.  It is by Jenny Hawley,  Senior Policy Officer of Plantlife International, entitled 'We need to talk about nitrogen - the impacts of fertilisers on our wild plants and fungi'. Finally, is The history, current position and future challenges of fertilisers for soilless substrates, by Neil Bragg of Bulrush Horticulture.

As a taster, here is page 1 of this Issue.