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12 Dec 2019 - 13 Dec 2019
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The 2018 Agronomic Conference was highly successful

6 Dec 2018 - 7 Dec 2018

Both in terms of the value of the papers presented, and the numbers of delegates attending, this year's conference was the most successful for some years

Part of the reason why this year's conference was so successful was its theme of  'Soils and Fertilisers: Management to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency'.

It featured eleven papers, covering topics such as soil structure and fertility management, the effect of soil condition on dairy grassland productivity, soil carbon, the 4 per mille approach, soil calcium, practical soil health management, and an evaluation of soil testers. We were particularly pleased to host a presentation from Achim Dobermann, CEO of Rothamsted Research, covering his views on the need for a new approach to innovation in soil and nutrient management. 

The presentations were again augmented by a varied display of posters, while the Conference also hosted the final of the 2018  Brian Chambers International Award for Early Career Researchers in Crop Nutrition.


The full list of the presentations given is below. IFS Members have free access to pdf copies of the written papers, the presentation charts, and posters shown at the conference.  They also have free access to recordings of the presentations themselves (non-Members can view these recordings, at a cost of £9.50 for the first one, and £5 each for all subsequent ones). Annual Society Membership is just £80 - you can join here.


Achim Dobermann, Rothamsted Research, UK

Accelerating innovation in soil and nutrient management - the need for a new approach


Gerard Govers, KU Leuven, Belgium

Soil erosion in the EU and its implications for soil fertility management


Anne Bhogal, ADAS

Structural condition of agricultural soils in the UK


Paul Hallett, Aberdeen University, UK

Management of soil structure to improve Nutrient Use Efficiency


David Wall, Teagasc, Ireland

Nutrient balances and soil condition: effects on dairy grassland productivity


Davey Jones, Bangor University, UK

Evaluating soil sensors to inform fertiliser rates, using a nitrogen case study


Philip White and and Jonathan Holland, James Hutton Institute, UK 

Calcium in plant physiology and its availability from the soil


Jens Blomquist, Uppsala University, Sweden

Calcium, soil structure and nutrient availability


David Powlson, Rothamsted Research, UK

4 per mille: - a way of sequestering soil carbon?


Renske Hijbeek, Wageningen University

Evidence review indicates a re-think on the impact of organic inputs and soil organic matter on yield


Elizabeth Stockdale, NIAB,  

Developing a practical and relevant soil health measurement toolkit