The 2023 Brian Chambers award

Information about the winners in 2023.

The 2023 award attracted another excellent selection of varied and high quality entries.

The judges concluded that the research that justified winning the first prize of £1,000 was by Henrique Rasera Raniro, studying at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria. His research investigated the P-related effects of cover crops on the soil and subsequent crops.

His key finding was that, by combining synergistic species with efficient P acquisition traits, cover crops may be able to explore less available P pools, which  are  not  normally  available  to  cash  crops.  Being  reintroduced  into  the  soil,  a plant’s  biomass  gradually mineralizes, releasing bioavailable P and indirectly giving subsequent crops access to the legacy P.

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Of the two 2023 Runners up, Sara Martinengo, of the University of Turin, Italy, investigated iron plaque mineral composition and the uptake of P in rice. The issue is that oxygen released by rice roots, grown in submerged paddy soils, causes the precipitation of iron (Fe) on the root surface. The Fe plaque that forms can adsorb phosphorus (P) from the solution, potentially decreasing the plant P availability. Her research results will help farmers to calibrate their P fertilisation based on their irrigation practices, mitigating the impact of P on water quality and saving unnecessary expenses in terms of money, resources and energy

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A short interview with Sara about her research has been recorded.

The other Runner up in 2023 was Thomas McCarthy, of Teagasc and SETU Waterford, Ireland. His research investigated the optimisation of K fertilisation to grassland, categorising Irish soils using their inherent characteristics that influence K dynamics and to develop soil specific K fertiliser advice to promote increased sustainability on farms. The research developed a system of soil categorisation criteria that will lead to the development of more soil specific advice to optimise fertiliser K use.

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A short interview with Thomas about his research has been recorded.

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