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2018 IFS Agronomic Conference
5 Dec 2018 - 7 Dec 2018
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4 Mar 2019 - 6 Mar 2019
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Nordic Association of Agricultural Science 2018 Conference

26 Nov 2018 - 27 Nov 2018

This conference, entitled 'The Role of Agriculture in Civil Defence in the Nordic-Baltic Countries - Rebuilding Capacity for Crisis Preparedness' will take place in Uppsala, Sweden

Agriculture in the Nordic-Baltic countries plays an important role as food producer to the population, but is also an important player in the civil defence. The farmers are responsible for the food production, but have machinery, vehicles and knowledge that are of great practical benefit to the total civil defence. As an example, farmers have used their

equipment for slurry spreading to transport water to forest fires in Sweden.

However, the farmer's ability to help society in a crisis situation depends on factors such as:

-  The ability of farmers to independently maintain electricity and water supply for livestock and food production

-  The ability to organize fuel supply in a war or crisis situation

It is important to discuss how farmers can/shall supply society with staff and machines in a crisis situation for example to remove snow or help fire brigades with water and tree felling. Should farmers be involved in securing drinking water for animals and humans to small villages in a crisis situation? How shall farmers prepare for a crisis/war situation still to be able to produce food?

An important issue of the conference is the mutual dependence between the society and agriculture in a crisis situation. Should we use agriculture as a local food supplier in a war situation or as a civil defense line in the event of a crisis, where agriculture, in cooperation with local rescue services, is going to extinguish fires, transport supplies and clear snow?

Our conference gathers relevant authorities, researchers, NGOs and other stakeholders to identify actors and discuss how farming in the Nordic-Baltic countries can be used as an active part of the overall civil defence.

The conference is sponsored by the Nordic Joint Committee of Agriculture of the Nordic Council of Ministries

Some of the invited speakers are:

Aud Sjökvist- the Swedish national investigator of the forest fire in Västmanland county

2014. Former Director General of the Swedish Healthcare Responsibility Board 

Ivar Pettersen, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway.

Jyrki Hakola, Director of the Dept of basic Supply and Industry, National Emergency Supply

Agency, Finland

Björn Kjörlof, Royal Swedish Academy of War Science and former Director General of the

Swedish Board of Psychological Defence and The National Service Administration


Conference information

The conference is held in English at the Hotel Gillet in Uppsala, Sweden November 26-27th

2018. We have reserved a handful of rooms for participants. More information on the website


Participation fee for the conference including lunches, conference dinner and proceedings is

3500 SEK ex VAT upon registration before October 24th . The fee will increase after this date.

More information about the conference on the NJF website:

Direct link to the registration form:

Chairman of the organizing committee:Dr Fredrik Fogelberg, +46 10-516 69 08, E-mail


Questions:Please contact the chairman of the organizing committee.