Extracts from the Rules of the International Fertiliser Society

2. The Objective of the Society is to provide an international forum for discussion and dissemination of knowledge of scientific, technical, environmental, economic and safety aspects of the production, marketing, use and application of fertilisers.
The Society shall have full power to do all those things which may assist in the achievement of the above objective, including power (in the name of trustees) to acquire, hold and deal with assets of any tenure.

4. The Society shall consist of Ordinary Members, Corresponding Members and Honorary Members. All Members shall have the right to attend any function of the Society on payment of a registration fee to be determined by Council. Members shall receive copies of all Proceedings and other publications of the Society free of charge during their membership. Ordinary Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Society.

5. Ordinary Membership of the Society shall be open to those engaged in or associated with the production, marketing, use or application of fertilisers or having an interest in fertilisers, and such others as Council may consider it to be in the interests of the Society to admit to Ordinary Membership.
Any person wishing to become an Ordinary Member shall apply on a form as prescribed by Council, shall give such information as Council may require, and shall agree to conform to and be bound by the Rules of the Society. Council shall have the power to refuse an application for membership.

6. Corresponding Membership shall be open to an existing member, or past member, who has retired from active business after not less than ten years as an Ordinary Member of the Society, or in exceptional circumstances after less than ten years as Council may decide.

7. Any Member not abiding by the Rules of the Society shall be liable to exclusion from Membership by decision of Council.

8. The New Member’s Subscription for the current Society Year shall be payable within 21 days of notification of acceptance of the application for Ordinary or Corresponding Membership. The new Member, having paid the Subscription, shall become entitled to receive all the publications and benefits of the Society, for that current Society Year, save as provided for under Rule 27.

20. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held during each Society Year. This AGM shall be convened within nine months of the end of the Society Financial Year.

22. Notice of the intention to hold any General Meeting, the date, time and place at which it will be held and the general nature of the business to be conducted thereat shall be sent to all Members at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

24. The Annual Subscription to be paid by Ordinary Members and by Corresponding Members shall be determined from year to year by Members at the AGM, to take effect from the beginning of the next Society Year. The payment of the Subscription, where due, shall entitle membership for the Society Year, which may differ from the Society Financial Year.

(a) Subscriptions shall become due at the beginning of each Society Year.

(b) No Subscription shall be payable by Honorary Members.

25. Members whose Subscription is three months overdue without good reason shall be informed of their effective suspension from Society membership. Thus they shall cease to have the right of access as a Member to Society meetings and to receive Society publications, until such time as the arrears have been paid.
If after six months from the due date for payment a Member’s Subscription is unpaid, then Council shall have the authority to remove the offending Member’s name from the membership list, thereby excluding the person from Society membership.

26. Any Ordinary Member whose Subscription is more than three months overdue is ineligible to vote on any Society business or election until the Subscription is paid.

27. Notwithstanding the above Rules, anyone becoming a Member during the final two months of the Society Year shall not be called upon to pay any Subscription for that current Society Year, but will be entitled to receive all subsequent Society publications for that current Society Year free of charge.