IFS agrees cross benefits for delegates with the 4th European Power to Ammonia® Conference

The 4th European Power to Ammonia Conference (NH3 Event) takes place on 28-29 May 2020 in Rotterdam, immediately after the IFS Technical Conference. As the use of ammonia as a potential energy storage resource is set to become of increasing importance to the fertiliser production industry, so the Society and the NH3 Event are working in partnership to encourage cross-stimulation.

The NH3 Event is a gathering of technology institutes, industries, academics and researchers to present the latest results and achievements in energy solutions.

Both organisations will offer a 10% discount off the conference registration: IFS Members can have a 10% discount off the registration fee of the NH3 Event, whilst members of the NH3 community can have a 10% discount off the registration fee for the IFS Technical Conference . To take advantage of this offer, please contact the relevant organiser when you register.

Delegates to the NH3 Event will also benefit from free pdf copies of selected and relevant technical papers from the extensive IFS archive.