Issue 4 of Fertiliser Update has been published

Available free to IFS Members, Issue 4 has a typically varied mix of articles.

This issue contains four articles. The first is by Marion DeMortier, of rayon, describing a comparison between different complexing agents of iron in solution and their application in ferti-irrigation systems. The second is by Andreas Carstensen, of the University of Copenhagen, on his impressions of the 2017 IFS Agronomic Conference, from a ‘New Face’.

The third article is something different for a fertiliser organisation.  It is by Jenny Hawley, Senior Policy Officer of Plantlife International, entitled ‘We need to talk about nitrogen – the impacts of fertilisers on our wild plants and fungi’. Finally, is The history, current position and future challenges of fertilisers for soilless substrates, by Neil Bragg of Bulrush Horticulture.