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The Society welcomes members from all areas – students and researchers, fertiliser manufacturers, distributors and advisers, agriculturalists, technical specialists, environmentalists and regulators.

Increasing technical, environmental and commercial pressures make the benefits of membership of the International Fertiliser Society ever more valuable. The opportunities to be gained from the information contained in the Proceedings of the Society and from the building of a network of contacts are relevant to all with an interest in fertiliser production and use. Annual Membership costs £104, including VAT.

Corporate Membership

The IFS now offers three corporate membership packages for any institution that would like to take advantage of this. Our two larger packages offer combinations of free Society Membership and Conference registrations, suited to organisations with varying numbers of staff to whom technical information is valuable. Our top package costs £5,000 p.a., and provides superior value for organisations that have over 25 staff who will benefit from our services, while the middle package costs £2,500 p.a. and provides superior value for organisations that have 20-25 staff who will benefit from our services.

Our offer for organisations that have fewer staff who will benefit from our services costs is that five staff from the same organisation can be Members for an annual cost of £400, providing a 20% discount. Note that, unlike the the other packages, this one does not include any free conference registrations.

Corporate membership package details are available from the Secretary upon request.

We also provide special arrangements for libraries that wish to purchase our printed Proceedings. For details, please contact the Secretary.

Organisations that are either Corporate members of the Society, or that have multiple Personal Members, include the following.

Benefits of Personal Membership

Specific benefits of personal Membership are:

  • £160 discount off the registration fee for our Conferences – one covering agronomic topics, and the other covering production, storage and handling aspects.
  • A searchable database of nearly 880 archive Proceedings, available only to Members. This enables the identification of all instances of precise search terms within the archive.
  • Free downloads of up to twenty-five Proceedings per annum.
  • Free information from previous IFS conferences. This includes pdfs of the Proceedings, pdf copies of the presentation charts and pdfs of the posters and the poster abstracts.
  • 10% discount for selected CRU conferences. Contact the Secretary for more information.
  • Free recordings of presentations made at our conferences since 2015, capturing the charts synchronised with the presenter’s commentary. These recordings also capture the follow up question and answer session, which is the only place these sometime fascinating and revealing interchanges are recorded.
  • Free and exclusive copies of our publication Fertiliser Update, which is issued two or three times a year. It is a ‘punchier’ equivalent of our Proceedings, containing around short and varied articles in each issue. These articles are written by IFS Members, for the interest, stimulation and entertainment of fellow Members.
  • A personalised Membership certificate
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Society Members come from many parts of the crop nutrition industry and beyond – including many sectors that are interested in the science and technology of producing fertilising materials (including recycling and organics) and crop nutrition, along with mitigating the impact of these activities on land, air and water resources. This chart shows the make up of our membership by type of role.

IFS Student Membership

In addition to our personal membership we offer students, up to postgraduate level, free Membership of the Society for up to three years, plus other additional benefits.

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