New themed collection of IFS Proceedings on Soil Management

A collection of 26 Proceedings from the archive of the IFS, relating to the management of agricultural soils

The Proceedings of the International Fertiliser Society have been recognised since the inauguration of the Society in 1947 to be an invaluable source of practical information on virtually all aspects of fertiliser manufacture, safety and use. 

As the usage and effectiveness of fertilisers is intimately related to the management and condition of soil, so the Society has accumulated a varied collection of papers related to the practical management of soil. This covers crop production, nutrient use efficiency, environmental impacts, variability and the impact of different crop production systems.

These Proceedings have been re-formatted as digital PDF files on a memory card to provide an accessible library of specialist knowledge that will be of great value to all involved with the practical management of soil.

The card includes 26 of the Society’s copyright papers, which run to nearly 700 pages.  It will be an invaluable reference resource for researchers, new product development staff, policy makers and influencers, technical sales staff, providers of on-farm agricultural and environmental advice and technically interested farmers.

The memory card also includes a fully searchable database of all the Proceedings of the International Fertiliser Society to date, with summaries of many of the papers.

It is available for GB £50.00 (excluding VAT) to IFS Members, and GB £150.00 (excluding VAT) to non-members. Details of the Proceedings included in this collection can be viewed here.

To order a copy of this collection, contact the IFS Secretary on or 0044 (0)1206 851819