Additional IFS webinar announced: the impact of the new EU Regulation on explosives precursors

Scheduled on Thursday 4 February at 13.00 GMT / 14.00 CET, this webinar will be of interest and value to all who make or handle nitrogenous fertiliser material, either in the EU, or as part of a supply chain that involves EU countries. The presenter will be an expert in this field: Mariano Alessio Vernì […]

The winners of the 2020 Brian Chambers award are available to view

The final of the 2020 Brian Chambers award for early career researchers in crop nutrition was so tight, that the Society decided to award three Runner Up prizes, rather than the normal two. This year’s final was held online, with the finalists displaying their usual poster, plus a short video. The winner was Chiara Petroselli, […]

The IFS greets the New Year with a ‘blizzard’ of webinars

IFS Members and others can benefit from a variety of webinars from the Society in 2021. The first one was held on 13 January, comprising two presentations on aspects of cereals nutrition. Further webinars on topics relating to crop nutrition have been organised for 20 January, 9 February and 4 March. More online events will […]

Materials from our webinars on 10 / 11 December are now available to view

The outputs from the four presentations in our latest two webinars, on 10 and 11 December, are now available for Society Members to access, for free. Non-members can pay to download the written Proceedings and view the recordings of the presentations, which include the question and answer sessions. The four presentations covered: Challenges and opportunities for farming in the […]

Online final event for the 2020 Brian Chambers award is announced

The final of the 2020 Brian Chambers award will take place online this year, at 11.00 GMT Thursday 10 December. It will be comprised of a display of the finalists’ entry posters, and will also include short videos recorded by the finalists about their research, and a webchat facility to enable attendees to put questions […]

The next IFS webinar is on 10 December, on digital aids

The next webinar in our autumn series, 10 December, comprises two presentations on aspects of the digitisation of crop nutrition – how this will change farming practices, and new developments in soil sensing technology. Both presentations will be accompanied by written papers. For UK attendees, this webinar will be worth 2 BASIS FACTS CPD points. […]

The recordings, slides and written papers from our webinar on aspects of fertilisers from recycled materials are now available

The outputs from the two presentations in our latest webinar, on 10 November, are now available for Society Members to access, for free. Non-members can pay to download the written Proceedings and view the recordings of the presentations, which include the question and answer sessions. The two presentations covered Exploring variations in demand for fertilisers […]

The finalists of the 2020 Brian Chambers Award have been announced

The ten entries that the judging panel scored the highest have been determined. Each finalist is now working on a poster, which will be displayed in a virtual award event, to be held in December. The names of the finalists, their research topics and their affiliations are shown in the table below.

Agri-food workers are the focus of the 2020 Global Fertilizer Day

This year Global Fertilizer Day, 13 October, is being used to celebrate the workers who have kept, and continue to keep, food supplies to people around the world during the covid-19 pandemic. Our colleagues at Fertilizers Europe have compiled information on the #FoodHeroes campaign and the role that fertiliser plays within the food chain.

The 2020 Brian Chambers award is now open for entries

The 2020 Brian Chambers International Award for Early Career Researchers in Crop Nutrition is now open for entries. This prestigious and valuable award is now firmly established as a way to support the next generation of researchers in our industry, with its first prize of £1,000 and the two runner up prizes of £500 each, plus valuable […]