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On this page are listed a selection of events organised by organisations related to crop nutrition and fertiliser production.

Phosphates 2024


26-28 February 2024


Warsaw, Poland

Exploring the supply, demand and technical dynamics shaping the global phosphate industry
The 16th CRU Phosphates Conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 26 – 28 February 2024.
With its unique combination of strategic insights from industry leaders, and technical and operational developments, CRU Phosphates provided a welcome opportunity for the industry to reconnect in-person for important discussion, debate and business development. The event will connect a global audience from across the international supply chain involved in the phosphate fertilizer, feed and industrial industries. Attendees learnt how the latest technologies are driving sustainability and efficiency improvements in the phosphate industry.

Nitrogen + Syngas 2024


4-6 March 2024


Gothenburg, Sweden

The world’s leading event for the nitrogen and syngas industry 
Maximising efficiency through innovation and knowledge sharing
CRU’s 37th Nitrogen + Syngas conference will be held live in beautiful Gothenburg on 4-6 March 2024. As the most respected technical event for the global nitrogen and syngas community, the conference and exhibition provides an ideal platform for technical professionals from across the nitrogen and syngas industries to connect, do business and learn about the latest developments in operations, technology, process and equipment.
This annual meeting attracts a truly global audience of producers, licensors and materials and equipment providers from around the world, representing an unparalleled opportunity for business networking and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Advances in Cover Crop Management Webinar: Maximise the Nutrient Use Efficiency Benefit


5 March 2024, 10.00 GMT


Online webinar

Cover crops can be very effective at protecting and improving soil and water quality by providing soil cover over winter, retaining nutrients that would otherwise have been ‘lost’ via leaching and erosion. They can also help to control weeds and soil-borne pathogens and pests. For the benefits of cover crops to be fully realised, understanding their crop available nitrogen supply and long-term impact on nitrate leaching and crop performance is crucial.

Join us for this free webinar to hear about the latest water company funded research conducted by ADAS on cover crop management, focusing on cover crop destruction (grazing with sheep, mechanical & chemical), catch crops versus companion cropping following vining peas, over-winter nitrate leaching losses and impacts on cash crop yields and quality.

The importance of incentive schemes to support cover crop use will also be discussed.

IFA Global Sustainability Conference


6-8 March 2024


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Global Sustainability Conference, to be held in Amsterdam this year, is a vital event for all those concerned about the sustainable production and use of fertilizers. In 2024, we are taking a deep dive into various aspects of sustainability, exploring topics ranging from decarbonisation and biodiversity to the circular economy. The event will focus on key factors such as sustainable finance, startups, and artificial intelligence. In addition, the Conference will provide an excellent networking platform for professionals in industries such as sustainability, public relations and communications. 
Explore sustainability in detail with a range of sessions covering the sustainable production and use of fertilizers, climate change, biodiversity, innovation, circular economy and plastic management.

Sulphur World Symposium 2024


2-4 April 2024


Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The Annual Meeting for Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid Professionals
The symposium is an exceptional opportunity to network and build business relationships on a global scale. Take advantage of meeting symposium delegates hailing from the entire sulphur value chain, who are typically decision-making representatives for their companies.

Nutrients in Europe Research Meeting 2024


16-17 April 2024


Brussels, Belgium, and hybrid

NERM (Nutrients in Europe Research Meeting) is organised by ESPP, FERTIMANURE, LEX4BIO, RUSTICA, SEA2LAND, WALNUT and Biorefine Cluster Europe.
It’s focus is on closing nutrient cycles for a sustainable future, from R&D to implementation.
NERM will include:
– key outcomes of recent nutrient recycling R&D under Horizon 2020, LIFE, Interreg and other programmes
– roadmap for future nutrient recycling R&D needs
– nutrient recovery technologies and recycled fertiliser production
– quality, application and use, stakeholder acceptance of secondary fertilisers
– from nutrient recovery to market
Plus PhD students and networking event 15th April and site visits 17th April (on-farm and sewage treatment nutrient recovery sites).

IFA 2024 Annual Conference


20-22 May 2024



The theme of the Conference is Nourishing the Planet, Powering the Future. Our industry continues to occupy a pivotal position between food and energy, and the challenges of achieving global food security in parallel with the transition to a lower carbon economy are acute. The Conference will explore both these challenges and the opportunities we have to secure a sustainable and prosperous future for future generations.

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