Conferences and webinars organised by other organisations

On this page are listed a selection of events organised by organisations related to crop nutrition and fertiliser production.

IFDC’s Symposium, “Future Proofing: Unified Action for Soil Health and Food Security”


4 June 2024


Washington DC, USA

The world is waking up to the value and fragility of its most precious resource: SOIL.
Now is the time to advocate for soil health if we are to eradicate human hunger and poverty while preserving current biodiversity and restoring land currently under cultivation. The solutions are out there, but it will take a unified vision and commitment of resources to realize this most vital solution to so many of the world’s challenges.
IFDC invites you to join us this year, virtually or in person, at “Future Proofing: Unified Action for Soil Health and Food Security,” a symposium bringing together the world’s experts in agricultural production, inputs, policy, innovation, and financing to act for improved soil health.

Rothamsted Research ‘Open Farm Sunday’


9 June 2024


Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK

Rothamsted Research is opening the gates to its research farm as part of Open Farm Sunday!

Join them between 11am-4pm and see the agricultural experiments taking place across the 300Ha farm and the machinery that makes them possible. Meet the farm team and the scientists working on the future of food. Explore on foot via the many public footpaths or take a ride on a tractor trailer tour. 

The Fertilizer Institute Agronomy Conference and Expo


12-14 August 2024


St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Centered on retail agronomy leaders, this conference serves as a platform to expand agronomic knowledge, network with peers, and discover new market opportunities, while digging into the dynamics of effective business practices. The conference aims to empower attendees with actionable solutions they can bring back to their businesses and customers while exploring the future of agriculture. The expo will provide hands-on engagement and exhibits that showcase the latest innovations.

10th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW10)


26-30 August 2024


University of Dundee, Scotland

The IPW10 continues the conference science topic tradition of investigating the role of phosphorus in the interactions between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
As a vitally important element to life, food and wider societal aspects, phosphorus presents a powerful case study of the need to manage a fundamental resource sustainably. Yet our phosphorus knowledge is being constantly challenged by aspects such as climate change and circular economy needs.
The IPW series promotes the underpinning biogeochemical knowledge of phosphorus processes and its wider implications. The IPW10 recognises the fundamental role of catchments as a landscape conceptual unit, and a management unit, where phosphorus biogeochemistry unites with wider disciplines for shared sustainability goals.
Our local organisers and international science committee look forward to welcoming you and are planning a really engaging program to grow shared knowledge on the contemporary topics, foster lasting networks and particularly support early career scientist interactions amongst global phosphorus community.

5th European Sustainable Phosphorous Conference


8-9 October 2024


Lleida, Spain

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform, together with the BETA technological Center, are organising the ESPC5. Taking place in Lleida, Spain, this conference will delve into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Mediterranean context.

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 2024 in Lleida, Spain, offers a unique platform for experts and stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and shape the future of sustainable phosphorus management in the Mediterranean context. By addressing the four key points – organic agriculture, water reuse, eutrophication & P budgeting, and energy transition – the conference seeks to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future for the region and beyond. The private sector experiences and the latest research on the topic will be complemented with site visits to biorefinery pilots in the region.

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