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Choosing Prayon Technologies, the Licensing division of Prayon, is choosing internationally renowned technologies in phosphate production.

We have produced a new PRT app for use by phosphoric acid producers, and a new Company LinkedIn page where updates on our technologies and services will be posted.


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Additional information

Prayon Technologies

Who we are:

  • PRT markets Prayon know-how and techniques​
  • PRT supplies consulting services and assistance related to phosphate production and associated technologies. ​
  • Prayon also offers since 2020 the EcoPhos technologies including the hydrochloric acid-based processes that use low-grade P sources.

NEW: processes for DCP production, one sulfuric acid-based, the GetMoreP and one hydrochloric acid-based, the Ecophos by Prayon.

Our Support

Prayon services make successful projects thanks to the largest process portfolio in the industry:


  1. Process engineering to issue PDP package and supply proprietary equipment​
  2. Partnership with key engineering offices (General Licensees) for FEED, basic and detailed engineering.​​

Testing & Validating R&D, Pilot and semi-industrial facilities to validate the raw materials and product quality, and adjust the process in Belgium and Bulgaria through Technophos demo plant:​

  1. Lab & Pilot Tests
  2. Semi-industrial Validation
  3. Validation of external technologies


  1. Operational excellence
  2. Process Simulation


  • Site services
  • Plant Performance Optimization (P2Gether) 
  • Technical Surveys

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Our new PRT app

This application is intended to be used by anyone involved in phosphoric acid production plants, such as process engineers, operators or laboratory technicians.

It provides users with simple tools that can be used in daily plant life to easily calculate a number of operational parameters:

  • Phosphoric Acid Slurry Solid Rate calculator;
  • Property Tables;
    • P2O5 concentration;
    • H2SO4 concentration;
    • Calculate Saturated Steam Properties;
    • Concentrated acid’s ebullition pressure;
    • H2SiF6 concentration;
  • Acid Density Correction;
  • Unit converter;
  • Molar Mass calculator;
  • Process Yield calculator;
  • SO3 correction calculator.

You also will find some useful documents and a news section with :

  • Our latest process developments
  • Our latest projects
  • Our participation to conferences
  • Various news related to Prayon

You can either download it on your mobile phone or computer here.


Prayon Processes for Phosphoric Acid Production leaflet

DCP Production Technology leaflet

Dihydrate attack leaflet

Operator Training Simulator leaflet

Ecophos Technical Sheet

Ecophos Phosphate Purification Technical Sheet

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