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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Fertiliser Trade)

Fertiliser Trade Raw Materials & Trade Production
No. Year Description
114 1970 Economic Considerations in the Choice of Fertiliser Process Routes
J R Potter
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
W T Charlton J D Crerar R C Akroyd
148 1975 Trends in the European Fertiliser Industry
J van Steenis
154 1976 Planning and Establishment of a Major Fertiliser Complex
C Gowran
165 1977 Phosphoric Acid Techniques to Match Raw Materials and Fertiliser Trends
A Davister
212 1983 The Changing Structure of the International Fertiliser Industry - Thirteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
W F Sheldrick
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M P Kurtanjak M N Park T D Phillips
278 1989 Changing Patterns in the Phosphoric Acid and Phosphatic Fertilisers Trade - The Case of Tunisia
Abdessatar Hassani
279 1989 Changing Patterns of the International Fertiliser Trade
D C van Meurs
290 1990 Trends in the West European Fertiliser Industry
M R Freeman S Mitchell
291 1990 Trends and Future Prospects in the West European NPK Fertiliser Industry
P Laurila
367 1995 World Food Demand and Supply Prospects
Prof. T Dyson
373 1995 Changing Patterns of Trade and Commercial Activity
B A Brentnall
386 1996 Fertiliser Supply from Factory to Farm: a Global Review
K F Isherwood
445 1999 Nitrogen Fertiliser Planning and Marketing in a Changing World - 21st Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Higgs CBE
461 2001 Fertiliser Supply and Demand Balances - A Review and Projection
L M Maene
507 2003 Fertiliser Consumption and Production: Long Term World Prospects - 23rd Francis New Memorial Lecture
K F Isherwood
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
J Paprocki A Biskupski H Górecki J Hoffmann P Malinowski
534 2004 Review of Recent Legislation Affecting the Fertiliser Industry
D J Heather J A M van Balken
625 2008 Fertiliser Supply and Demand: Outlook for Costs and Availabilities
B A Brentnall
626 2008 'Reach' Regulations: Impact on the European Fertiliser Industry
J Ebenhöch
641 2008 Plant Nutrients from Organic Industrial By-Products
P L Graziano R Calzavara M Perelli G Roccuzzo
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
R Zwiers J A M van Balken E Y E Härmälä C Pallière M Cryans
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
E J Pullinger S R Williams M W Buchan K D Shah
666 2009 Nitrogen Fertiliser Supply and Demand - Balances, Outlook and Drivers of Change
A J Prince E Apostolopoulou M A S Simonova
689 2011 Fertilisers and the EU REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations
M Alessio Vernì
708 2012 How Not to Ship Fertiliser
D C Thompson
729 2013 Fertilisers and Agriculture: Meeting the Challenges Sustainably - 28th Francis New Memorial Lecture
L M Maene
730 2013 Impact of Shale Gas on the Fertiliser Market
O L Hatfield L Cross
731 2013 Fertiliser Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
M Wanzala R Groot

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