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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Phosphorus)

Phosphorus Raw Materials & Trade Production
No. Year Description
9 1950 Mining and Preparation of Florida Land Pebble Phosphate
Richard M Collins
9 1950 Fertiliser Technology Research in the United States Department of Agriculture
K D Jacob
42 1957 Use of Different Types of Phosphate Rock in Single and Triple Superphosphate Production
T P Dee R J Nunn K Sharples
70 1962 Origin of Processing of Phosphate Rock with Particular Reference to Benefication
Vincent Sauchelli
98 1967 Hydrothermal Processing of Naturally Occurring Phosphates
Prof. S I Wolfkovich
123 1971 Phosphate Fertiliser Sources: Agronomic Effectiveness in Relation to Chemical and Physical Properties
G L Terman
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
W T Charlton J D Crerar R C Akroyd
165 1977 Phosphoric Acid Techniques to Match Raw Materials and Fertiliser Trends
A Davister
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M P Kurtanjak M N Park T D Phillips
278 1989 Changing Patterns in the Phosphoric Acid and Phosphatic Fertilisers Trade - The Case of Tunisia
Abdessatar Hassani
336 1993 Availability of Fertiliser Raw Materials
P L Louis
363 1995 Future of the World Phosphate Industry
A Benchekroun
400 1997 Cadmium and Other Minor Elements in World Resources of Phosphate Rock
S J Van Kauwenbergh
407 1997 Animal Feed - An Important Fertiliser Input Source
S-O Malmqvist L Göransson
507 2003 Fertiliser Consumption and Production: Long Term World Prospects - 23rd Francis New Memorial Lecture
K F Isherwood
575 2005 Heavy Metals in Fertilisers: Their Effect on Soil and Plant Health
J J Mortvedt
586 2006 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Issues and Outlook
P Heffer M P R Prud'homme B Muirheid K F Isherwood
587 2006 Phosphogypsum Management and Opportunities for Use
J Hilton
592 2006 Phosphate Rock: Using Biological Processes to Increase Its Effectiveness as a Fertiliser
E A Stockdale C A Watson A C Edwards
625 2008 Fertiliser Supply and Demand: Outlook for Costs and Availabilities
B A Brentnall
638 2008 Phosphorus Imports, Exports, Fluxes and Sinks in Europe
I R Richards C J Dawson
668 2010 The Phosphate Life-Cycle: Rethinking the Options for a Finite Resource
J Hilton A E Johnston C J Dawson
685 2010 Future Supply of Phosphorus in Agriculture and the Need to Maximise Efficiency of Use and Reuse
A Rosemarin J J Schröder L Dagerskog D Cordell A L Smit
707 2012 Ma'aden Phosphate Company: a Dream Realised
M Al-Qahtani A Al-Ajini S Soundarapandian
724 2013 Revisiting and Updating the Effect of Phosphorus Fertilisers on Cadmium Accumulation in European Soils
E Smolders
727 2013 Phosphate Recycling in Mineral Fertiliser Production
C P Langeveld K W ten Wolde
732 2013 Phosphate-Containing Waste Ash Process for Producing Mineral Fertiliser
L Hermann
744 2014 History, Development, Status and Opportunities for Kiln Phosphoric Acid
T P Fowler
752 2014 Life Cycle Management of Phosphogypsum Stacks
G R Albarelli B K Birky

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