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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Ammonia)

Ammonia Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
30 1955 Nitrogenous Fertiliser Production
W K Hall
89 1965 Manufacture of Ammonia
P W Reynolds
117 1970 Economics of Ammonia Production and Distribution - International Symposium
P W Reynolds
117 1970 Start-up Problems of New Large Ammonia Plants and the Effect on the Ammonia Market
Daphne L Mermikides
117 1970 Effect of Operating Rate as a Percentage of Design Capacity on Profitability of Ammonia Plant Operation
Harry W Lambe
117 1970 Effect of Economic and Site Factors on Technical Design Parameters in Ammonia Plant Design
M Sales F C Brown
117 1970 Economic Comparison Between Steam Reforming and Partial Oxidation for Ammonia Production
D L Banquy
117 1970 Energy Balance Considerations for Naphtha Based Ammonia Plants - Review
M Bignon
117 1970 Storage and Handling Costs for Anhydrous Ammonia in Relation to Variable Off Take and Stockholding
A M M Brown
117 1970 Comparative Costs of Ammonia Transport
George C Sweeney, Jr
117 1970 Ocean Shipping of Ammonia - Costs and Forms of Contracts
C Marner
117 1970 Recent Trends in Published Ammonia Prices and The Prospects for 1971-1975
Nicolas P Smith Michel E Marjon
137 1973 Safety in Works
Nicolas P Smith Michel E Marjon
137 1973 Safety of Products and Raw Materials
G Perbal
137 1973 Safety Systems and Legal Requirements
V P England
137 1973 Safety and Design and Operation
J F Killeen
167 1977 An Integrated Process for Ammonia-Urea Manufacture
V Lagana U Zardi
168 1978 Catalysts in Ammonia Production
J D Rankin
171 1978 Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis - Some Aspects
G C Chinchen
184 1979 Coal Gasification - Routes to Ammonia and Methanol
F C Brown H G Hargreaves
191 1980 New Concept Ammonia Process with Higher Efficiency
W F van Weenen J Tielrooy
206 1982 Metals in Severe Conditions - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 1
W F van Weenen J Tielrooy
206 1982 Materials of Construction for the Nitric Acid Process
W R Harker K B Moxon
206 1982 Case for Good Distribution in Steam Reforming Furnaces
K Nutall A R Reid
206 1982 Experience of Pumps for Severe Duties in Urea Plant Service
R Borromei F Granelli M Rex
206 1982 Waste Heat Boilers for Reliable Service in Ammonia Plants
H Stahl
210 1982 Criteria for Selecting CO2 Removal Processes
F C Brown C L Leci
218 1983 Ammonia Plant Preferences in the 1980s
F C Brown
259 1987 The Ammonia Industry: Thoughts about the Past, Present and Future
J M Blanken
260 1987 Twenty Five Years in 'Small' Ammonia Plant Technology
A Pinto S G Trotter
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
L Lunde R Nyborg
308 1991 Ammonia Storage Inspection
S Hewerdine
319 1992 Development & Operation of the Leading Concept Ammonia (LCA) Technology
K J Elkins A J Gow D Kitchen A Pinto
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
R Nyborg L Lunde P-E Drønen
401 1997 Ammonia: Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects
K D Shah
446 2000 Revamping Ammonia Plants: Case Histories of Capacity and Energy Improvements
P Orphanides
479 2001 Energy Conservation: Key to Survival for Fertiliser Producers
W D Verduijn J J de Wit
482 2001 De-Commissioning of Ammonia Cold-Storage Tanks
J Kristensen R Fogg
484 2001 Energy Audits of Fertiliser Production Plants
I R Barton J Hunns
492 2002 Safety Legislation and the Fertiliser Industry
K D Shah
582 2006 IPPC: The BAT Reference Document (BREF) for the Manufacture of Ammonia, Acids and Fertilisers
B Serr
601 2007 Ammonia Production: Energy Efficiency, CO2 Balances and Environmental Impact
J D Pach
602 2007 Ammonia Plant Energy-saving Project: Design and Implementation
W T Nobel R B J Waggeveld M J Walton P A Sharp
603 2007 Inspection of Atmospheric Ammonia Storage Tanks; New EFMA Recommendations
H A M Duisters
604 2007 Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution
K D Shah
639 2008 GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency in European Nitrogen Fertiliser Production and Use
F Brentrup C Pallière
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
R Zwiers J A M van Balken E Y E Härmälä C Pallière M Cryans
647 2009 Developments in Ammonia Plant Contracting
P Kummann
666 2009 Nitrogen Fertiliser Supply and Demand - Balances, Outlook and Drivers of Change
A J Prince E Apostolopoulou M A S Simonova
671 2010 By-Product Formation in Ammonia Plants
J D Pach
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
P Eames J R Brightling
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
A Hoxha T K Jenssen C Pallière M Cryans
691 2011 Advanced Spun Cast Material for Steam Reformer Furnace Tubes
S Venkataraman D Jakobi
743 2014 Environmental Constraints on New Plant Construction in the USA
K Ruthardt
745 2014 Detection and Localisation of Leakages in Toxic/Flammable Chemicals Pipelines Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors
D Inaudi R de Bont R Walder
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
J G Reuvers J R Brightling D T Sheldon
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
K Bakli O N Mortensen C Valand
771 2015 Modern Plasma Technology for Nitrogen Fixation: New Opportunities?
R Ingels D Graves S Anderson R Koller
788 2016 Improvements in Nitrogen Addition to the Fertiliser Production Flowsheet
I Blazsek M J Cousins
801 2017 Opportunities for small scale ammonia production
J P Vrijenhoef
803 2017 Changes, challenges, and opportunities in fertiliser-manufacturing processes: A personal review and outlook
J G Reuvers
817 2018 Opportunities created by the innovative revamping of a methanol plant
E Strepparola A Scotto

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