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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Ammonium Phosphates)

Ammonium Phosphates Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
23 1953 Ammoniation of Superphosphate
J Angus
162 1977 Developments in Ammonium Phosphate Technology
I A Brownlie E Davidson T R Dick
216 1983 Granulation of Ammonium Phosphates - Recent Experiences
K J Barnett D M Ivell S F Smith
244 1986 Adapting a Pipe Reactor to a Blunger for NPK Production
R J Milborne D W Philip
245 1986 New Diammonium Phosphate Technology - Powdered or Granular DAP
L M Marzo J L Lopez-Nino
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
P Chinal Y Cotonea C Debateux J F Priat
559 2005 Solution Fertilisers: The Crucial Properties
D A Palgrave
560 2005 Suspension Fertilisers: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Production and Storage
J May
707 2012 Ma'aden Phosphate Company: a Dream Realised
M Al-Qahtani A Al-Ajini S Soundarapandian

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