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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (General)

General Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
19 1952 History of the Fertiliser Industry in Britain
W G T Packard
45 1957 Some Investigations into the Application of Radio-Isotope Techniques to Fertiliser Production
P Craven
56 1959 Concentration (of fertilisers) - First Francis New Memorial Lecture
H U Cunningham
61 1960 Rotary Coolers and Driers - Some Related Aspects of Design
S J Porter W G Masson
74 1962 Screening and Segregation of Fertiliser Materials
C J Stairmand
108 1969 Trends in Technology - Sixth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Travis P Hignett
114 1970 Economic Considerations in the Choice of Fertiliser Process Routes
J R Potter
129 1972 Unit Operation of Bulk Crystallisation
A Waller
144 1974 Contemporary Production and Related Problems of the British Fertiliser Industry - A Survey
W H Coates
154 1976 Planning and Establishment of a Major Fertiliser Complex
C Gowran
178 1979 The Fertiliser Industry - Development and Change in Ireland - Eleventh Francis New Memorial Lecture
J B Hynes
206 1982 Metals in Severe Conditions - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 1
J B Hynes
206 1982 Materials of Construction for the Nitric Acid Process
W R Harker K B Moxon
206 1982 Case for Good Distribution in Steam Reforming Furnaces
K Nutall A R Reid
206 1982 Experience of Pumps for Severe Duties in Urea Plant Service
R Borromei F Granelli M Rex
206 1982 Waste Heat Boilers for Reliable Service in Ammonia Plants
H Stahl
207 1982 Surface treatments - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 2
H Stahl
207 1982 Protecting Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant: The Role of Surface Coatings
R S Hullcoop
207 1982 Corrosion and Protection of Concrete in an Ammonium Nitrate Environment
D W May
207 1982 Solving Wear Problems in a Compound Fertiliser Plant
P Furnival
213 1983 Effluent Control on a Fertiliser Manufacturing Site
J H Markham
237 1985 Production of Chloride-Free NPK Fertiliser and Feedgrade Dicalcium Phosphate
K C Knudsen
244 1986 Adapting a Pipe Reactor to a Blunger for NPK Production
R J Milborne D W Philip
258 1987 Pressure Surge Analysis for the Chemical and Process Industries
R S Silvester
270 1988 Fertiliser Technology and Production in Israel
I Raz
321 1992 Computer Integrated Manufacturing in the 1990s
H N Evans
355 1994 Best Available Techniques in Fertiliser Production
B Christensen P McGuire D C Thompson
412 1998 Magnesium Fertilisers in Soil and Plants: Comparisons and Usage
A P Draycott M F Allison
449 2000 Employee Participation for Continuous Improvement in Fertiliser Production and Marketing
G Freeman
479 2001 Energy Conservation: Key to Survival for Fertiliser Producers
W D Verduijn J J de Wit
480 2001 Experiences of the Past 25 Years and Current Issues for the European Fertiliser Industry - 22nd Francis New Memorial Lecture
G Kongshaug T K Jenssen
502 2002 Sulphur Sources, their Processing and Use in Fertiliser Manufacture
D L Messick C de Brey M X Fan
523 2003 Fertilisers for Protected Cropping: Products and their Development
T Kankaanpää
626 2008 'Reach' Regulations: Impact on the European Fertiliser Industry
J Ebenhöch

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