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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Phosphates)

Phosphates Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
2 1947 Granulation of Phosphatic Fertiliser - Theory and Practice
Sven Nordengren
4 1948 An Introduction to the Work of the Tennessee Valley Authority
A E Sell
4 1948 T.V.A. Phosphatic Fertiliser Technology
E P Hudson
14 1951 Research on the Production of Phosphate Fertilisers at the Chemical Research Laboratory
M Reynolds
21 1953 Manufacture of Triple Superphosphate
J J Porter J Frisken
70 1962 Origin of Processing of Phosphate Rock with Particular Reference to Benefication
Vincent Sauchelli
76 1963 Potassium Metaphosphate: A Novel Method of Manufacture and a Summary of its Behaviour as a Fertiliser
F J Harris
98 1967 Hydrothermal Processing of Naturally Occurring Phosphates
Prof. S I Wolfkovich
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M P Kurtanjak M N Park T D Phillips
237 1985 Production of Chloride-Free NPK Fertiliser and Feedgrade Dicalcium Phosphate
K C Knudsen
362 1995 Forty Years with the Phosphate Industry - Nineteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
A Davister
364 1995 Partially Acidulated Phosphates - Production, Agronomic and Environmental Aspects
Y Pelovski M K Garrett
483 2001 Aspects of Remediation of Land on Sites Used for Fertiliser Manufacture and Storage
L Fellingham
523 2003 Fertilisers for Protected Cropping: Products and their Development
T Kankaanpää
586 2006 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Issues and Outlook
P Heffer M P R Prud'homme B Muirheid K F Isherwood
707 2012 Ma'aden Phosphate Company: a Dream Realised
M Al-Qahtani A Al-Ajini S Soundarapandian
716 2012 Agronomic Potential of Mineral Concentrate from Processed Manure as Fertiliser
G L Velthof P Hoeksma J J Schröder J C van Middelkoop W van Geel P A I Ehlert G Holshof
G Klop J P Lesschen
717 2012 Phosphorus Fertilisers from By-Products and Wastes
O Oenema W Chardon P A I Ehlert K van Dijk O Schoumans W Rulkens
726 2013 New Process Route to Phosphoric Acid
D Fati T Theys O Schrevens
727 2013 Phosphate Recycling in Mineral Fertiliser Production
C P Langeveld K W ten Wolde
732 2013 Phosphate-Containing Waste Ash Process for Producing Mineral Fertiliser
L Hermann
763 2015 Review of Promising Methods for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling from Wastewater
C Kabbe J C Remy F Kraus
765 2015 Recovery of Phosphate as Struvite from Wastewater Streams
A T Britton F P Abrary

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