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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Sulphuric Acid)

Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
15 1951 Sulphuric Acid and Cement from Anhydrite
John Manning
52 1958 Contact Sulphuric Acid Plant Improved Conversion by Air Dilution
W N Hackett R W Riding
79 1963 Analytical Symposium - Self-actuated Devices and New Methods for Control
W N Hackett R W Riding
79 1963 An Automatic Sampler for Granular Materials
P L Baldwin
79 1963 Aids in Assessing Quality of Granular Compound Fertilisers
K Sharples N Dodds
79 1963 Rapid Analytical Control Methods in Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
G Nelson
79 1963 Standard, Physical and Automatic Methods for the Analysis of Fertilisers
A C Docherty
79 1963 Application of Continuous Infra-Red Gas Analysis to the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide in Contact Acid Plant Exit Gas
G Nelson
140 1974 Modern Sulphuric Acid Practice
G T Ketjen
170 1978 Advances in Catalyst Quality and Conversion Equipment for Sulphuric Acid Manufacture
G Th Ketjen
171 1978 Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis - Some Aspects
G C Chinchen
185 1979 Some Practical Aspects of Sulphuric Acid Plant Operation with Particular Reference to Catalyst Performance
S K May
247 1986 Importance of a By-Product: Achievements and Perspectives of Energy Recovery in Sulphuric Acid Plants
P Lüdtke H J König
381 1996 By-Product Sulphur - Availability and Use in the Fertiliser Industry
H J König P Lüdtke
492 2002 Safety Legislation and the Fertiliser Industry
K D Shah
513 2003 Synergies Between the Sulphuric Acid and Fertiliser Industries
P Lüdtke H J König
582 2006 IPPC: The BAT Reference Document (BREF) for the Manufacture of Ammonia, Acids and Fertilisers
B Serr
746 2014 Sulphuric Acid Technology: Past, Current and Future Developments
A Schulze

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