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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Superphosphates & S'phos acid)

Superphosphates & S'phos acid Manufacturing Processes Production
No. Year Description
7 1949 Slurry Dispersion Methods for the Granulation of Superphosphate Fertilisers
J T Procter
21 1953 Manufacture of Triple Superphosphate
J J Porter J Frisken
23 1953 Ammoniation of Superphosphate
J Angus
42 1957 Use of Different Types of Phosphate Rock in Single and Triple Superphosphate Production
T P Dee R J Nunn K Sharples
63 1960 Design of Void Spray Towers for Silicon Tetrafluoride Absorption
A G Calver J D C Hemsley
91 1966 NPK Fertiliser Production Using Superphosphoric Acid
G Bischofberger R R Heck
364 1995 Partially Acidulated Phosphates - Production, Agronomic and Environmental Aspects
Y Pelovski M K Garrett
513 2003 Synergies Between the Sulphuric Acid and Fertiliser Industries
P Lüdtke H J König
727 2013 Phosphate Recycling in Mineral Fertiliser Production
C P Langeveld K W ten Wolde

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