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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Buildings/Plant/Equipment)

Buildings/Plant/Equipment Manufacturing, General Production
No. Year Description
31 1955 Works Structures
R F Miles
31 1955 Corrosion Problems Relating to Works Structures
C W Marler
32 1955 Problems of Corrosion by Fertilisers.
C W Marler
32 1955 Chemistry and Metallurgy of Corrosion of Metals by Fertiliser Materials
W D Clark
32 1955 Methods used by Manufacturers to Reduce the Corrosive Effect of Fertilisers on Fertiliser Distributing Machines
J E Nicholson
32 1955 Corrosion of Steels in Relation to Fertiliser Chemicals
C R Pipe
32 1955 Fertiliser Distribution - Problems of Corrosion Prevention on the Farm
Rex Paterson
47 1957 Developments in Granulation Techniques
A T Brook
50 1958 An Outline of the Theory and Practice of Nitric Acid Manufacture
D A Spratt
61 1960 Rotary Coolers and Driers - Some Related Aspects of Design
S J Porter W G Masson
78 1963 Processes for the Manufacture of Nitric Acid
G Drake
100 1967 Non-Metallic Materials in Fertiliser Plant and Equipment
C Edeleanu
106 1969 Nitric Acid Manufacture - A Comparison between High and Medium Pressure Processes
J M Lerolle
109 1969 Prilling of Compound Fertilisers
F E Steenwinkel J W Hoogendonk
112 1969 New Phosphoric Acid Processes - Symposium
F E Steenwinkel J W Hoogendonk
112 1969 Single Stage Process for the Production of 50% Phosphoric Acid
S M Janikowski N Robinson
112 1969 Kellogg-Lopker Phosphoric Acid Process
L E Bostwick W Turner
112 1969 Dorr-Oliver HYS Phosphoric Acid Process
W C Weber E J Roberts I S Mangat E Uusitalo
112 1969 Albatros Phosphoric Acid Process
A C van Es J Th Boontje
122 1971 Problems of Plant Maintenance - Symposium
A C van Es J Th Boontje
122 1971 Maintenance of Small Fertiliser Factories
K Sharples E C Malcolm
122 1971 Corrosion of Phosphoric Acid Plants
D L Clarke R C Williamson
122 1971 Philosophy of the Maintenance at the Pernis Plant, Albatros Superfosfaatfabrieken
J P Kruisbrink G H Don
122 1971 C.C.F. Plant Maintenance
M D T Archer
127 1972 Low Recycle NPK Granulation - Design and Practical Aspects
G B Whyte
129 1972 Unit Operation of Bulk Crystallisation
A Waller
140 1974 Modern Sulphuric Acid Practice
G T Ketjen
141 1974 Solids Handling and Metering in an NPK Prilling Plant
W J Kelly
151 1975 Newer Developments in Cleaning Wet Process Phosphoric Acid
Ruth Blumberg
154 1976 Planning and Establishment of a Major Fertiliser Complex
C Gowran
162 1977 Developments in Ammonium Phosphate Technology
I A Brownlie E Davidson T R Dick
182 1979 Risk Analysis and Fertiliser Plant
Sir Frederick Warner
186 1979 The Pan Granulation Process
O Skauli O H Lie
206 1982 Metals in Severe Conditions - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 1
O Skauli O H Lie
206 1982 Materials of Construction for the Nitric Acid Process
W R Harker K B Moxon
206 1982 Case for Good Distribution in Steam Reforming Furnaces
K Nutall A R Reid
206 1982 Experience of Pumps for Severe Duties in Urea Plant Service
R Borromei F Granelli M Rex
206 1982 Waste Heat Boilers for Reliable Service in Ammonia Plants
H Stahl
207 1982 Surface treatments - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 2
H Stahl
207 1982 Protecting Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant: The Role of Surface Coatings
R S Hullcoop
207 1982 Corrosion and Protection of Concrete in an Ammonium Nitrate Environment
D W May
207 1982 Solving Wear Problems in a Compound Fertiliser Plant
P Furnival
218 1983 Ammonia Plant Preferences in the 1980s
F C Brown
235 1985 Fluid Bed Granulation of Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
J P Bruynseels
238 1985 Granulation by Extrusion and Compaction Methods
A Stephenson R Zisselmar
248 1986 Relative Merits of Different Filters for Hemihydrate Filtration
M L Parker J A Hallsworth
255 1987 Fertiliser Blending in Ireland
T M Young
260 1987 Twenty Five Years in 'Small' Ammonia Plant Technology
A Pinto S G Trotter
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
L Lunde R Nyborg
308 1991 Ammonia Storage Inspection
S Hewerdine
309 1991 Materials for Fertiliser Plant Construction
P Lüdtke W Schalk
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
R Nyborg L Lunde P-E Drønen
388 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Technology
J E Leonard
399 1997 Manufacturing Life Cycle Support for Fertiliser Plants
J van der Werf R de Heus
416 1998 Nitric Acid and Fertiliser Plants - Solutions to Various Engineering Problems
O von Bertele
433 1999 Fertiliser Projects: Planning, Financing and Engineering from Conception to Birth
J A Hallsworth C Fawcett
451 2000 Design of Rotary Driers and their Application in the Fertiliser Industry
I C Kemp R J Milborne
452 2000 Advances in Gas Cleaning Technology in the Fertiliser Industry
G C Pedersen P K Bhattacharjee
478 2001 Advances in Technology to Reduce Fertiliser Plant Costs through Improved Maintenance and Reliability
G van Cappellen E Meijer
482 2001 De-Commissioning of Ammonia Cold-Storage Tanks
J Kristensen R Fogg
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
J Paprocki A Biskupski H Górecki J Hoffmann P Malinowski
515 2003 Ammonium Nitrate Production Using a Pipe Reactor: Experiences over 10 Years
M Voorwinden J-B Peudpièce J-F Granger
516 2003 Safety Assessment of Materials used in Construction and Equipment for Ammonium Nitrate Production and Storage
K D Shah
536 2004 Underground Disposal of Process Waste in a Potash Mine - System Development and Installation
M J Wilkins M J Fehrsen M E Dodds-Smith
560 2005 Suspension Fertilisers: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Production and Storage
J May
561 2005 Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Solution: Corrosive Characteristics and Hazards
K DeMarsh
562 2005 Safe Use of Gas-Fired Equipment in Fertiliser Plants
H A M Duisters
600 2007 Segregation During Fertiliser Handling: Occurrence, Assessment and Control
R J Farnish M S A Bradley
602 2007 Ammonia Plant Energy-saving Project: Design and Implementation
W T Nobel R B J Waggeveld M J Walton P A Sharp
603 2007 Inspection of Atmospheric Ammonia Storage Tanks; New EFMA Recommendations
H A M Duisters
622 2008 Corrosion Beneath Insulating Materials
F De Vogelaere
622 2008 Safety and Protection of Overhead Pipework
N G Oates
645 2009 Automated IBC Fertiliser Packing Line Installation, with Case Study
P Rosenström S Ahlberg E G Sharp
667 2010 Land Remediation and Workforce Redeployment Resulting from the Ending of Potash Mining in France
R Giovanetti
672 2010 Decommissioning and Demolition of an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Complex
K D Shah C Blackman
691 2011 Advanced Spun Cast Material for Steam Reformer Furnace Tubes
S Venkataraman D Jakobi
692 2011 Technology and Factors Affecting Fertiliser Screening Performance
N E Smith
694 2011 Risk Based Inspection Implementation: Increasing Plant Safety and Reliability
G Franceschini
707 2012 Ma'aden Phosphate Company: a Dream Realised
M Al-Qahtani A Al-Ajini S Soundarapandian
721 2013 Applications of Laser Gas Detection in the Fertiliser Industry
H Adam J Selby L Harper
743 2014 Environmental Constraints on New Plant Construction in the USA
K Ruthardt
746 2014 Sulphuric Acid Technology: Past, Current and Future Developments
A Schulze
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
J G Reuvers J R Brightling D T Sheldon
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
K Bakli O N Mortensen C Valand
767 2015 Update on Fluidised Drum Granulation Technology and its Applicability for Different Fertilisers
S Valkov
770 2015 World-Wide Trends in Urea Process Technologies
J M G Eijkenboom M J Brouwer
799 2017 Sieve tray replacement in a nitric acid absorber column
D Schuler
807 2017 Distributed control system implemented at a UK fertiliser complex: past, present and future
A Southerton

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