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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (By-products)

By-products Manufacturing, General Production
No. Year Description
15 1951 Sulphuric Acid and Cement from Anhydrite
John Manning
128 1972 Aluminium Fluoride - Value from Waste
P M R Versteegh Th J Thoonen
163 1977 Hydrogen Fluoride and Pyrogenic Silica from Fluosilicic Acid
G L Flemmert
187 1979 Uranium Recovery from Phosphoric Acid (A Process Engineering Review)
A P Kouloheris
208 1982 Phosphogypsum Utilisation
K Weterings
210 1982 Criteria for Selecting CO2 Removal Processes
F C Brown C L Leci
247 1986 Importance of a By-Product: Achievements and Perspectives of Energy Recovery in Sulphuric Acid Plants
P Lüdtke H J König
261 1987 Impact of Proposed and Future Flue Gas Desulphurisation Programmes on the Fertiliser Industry
J A Hallsworth
586 2006 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Issues and Outlook
P Heffer M P R Prud'homme B Muirheid K F Isherwood
587 2006 Phosphogypsum Management and Opportunities for Use
J Hilton
641 2008 Plant Nutrients from Organic Industrial By-Products
P L Graziano R Calzavara M Perelli G Roccuzzo
671 2010 By-Product Formation in Ammonia Plants
J D Pach
732 2013 Phosphate-Containing Waste Ash Process for Producing Mineral Fertiliser
L Hermann
748 2014 Management of Fluorine in Phosphoric Acid Production
B Van Massenhove M Collin T Theys
752 2014 Life Cycle Management of Phosphogypsum Stacks
G R Albarelli B K Birky
766 2015 Uranium Extraction from Phosphoric Acid: The Experience of Prayon
M G J A Collin
804 2017 Phosphogypsum stacking: A new approach and case study
V Dardenne J Peret S Plainchamp
817 2018 Opportunities created by the innovative revamping of a methanol plant
E Strepparola A Scotto
820 2018 Fluidised bed granulation of ammonium sulphate – a new process
C Renk P Banik

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