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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Energy/Efficiency)

Energy/Efficiency Manufacturing, General Production
No. Year Description
183 1979 Energy Conservation in a Large Chemical Company
G V Ellis
191 1980 New Concept Ammonia Process with Higher Efficiency
W F van Weenen J Tielrooy
247 1986 Importance of a By-Product: Achievements and Perspectives of Energy Recovery in Sulphuric Acid Plants
P Lüdtke H J König
337 1993 Overview of Efficient Manufacturing Processes
G D France D C Thompson
338 1993 Energy Balance in an Ammonium Nitrate-Nitric Acid Plant
M Saigne
338 1993 Cooling with a Bulk Flow Heat Exchanger
N P Jordison
398 1997 Advances in Nitric Acid Manufacture
W Freitag M Maurer
414 1998 Ammonium Nitrate Production - Environmental, Energy and Safety Aspects
R Antonus
434 1999 Environment and Energy - A Business Opportunity for Fertiliser Producers?
J J B Ward M S Morrell
445 1999 Nitrogen Fertiliser Planning and Marketing in a Changing World - 21st Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Higgs CBE
479 2001 Energy Conservation: Key to Survival for Fertiliser Producers
W D Verduijn J J de Wit
484 2001 Energy Audits of Fertiliser Production Plants
I R Barton J Hunns
495 2002 Urea Production Technology: Recent Developments
M J Brouwer
509 2003 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Fertiliser Production
T K Jenssen G Kongshaug
510 2003 Biodiesel and Bioethanol: Energy and Carbon Balances of Biofuels Production
R E Horne N D Mortimer M A Elsayed
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
J Paprocki A Biskupski H Górecki J Hoffmann P Malinowski
513 2003 Synergies Between the Sulphuric Acid and Fertiliser Industries
P Lüdtke H J König
601 2007 Ammonia Production: Energy Efficiency, CO2 Balances and Environmental Impact
J D Pach
602 2007 Ammonia Plant Energy-saving Project: Design and Implementation
W T Nobel R B J Waggeveld M J Walton P A Sharp
639 2008 GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency in European Nitrogen Fertiliser Production and Use
F Brentrup C Pallière
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
R Zwiers J A M van Balken E Y E Härmälä C Pallière M Cryans
646 2009 Bioethanol from Sugar Beet and Horticultural Use of Surplus Process Heat
R Stark P J Jarvis
666 2009 Nitrogen Fertiliser Supply and Demand - Balances, Outlook and Drivers of Change
A J Prince E Apostolopoulou M A S Simonova
687 2011 LCA to Assess the Environmental Impact of Different Fertilisers and Agricultural Systems
F Brentrup J Lammel
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
A Hoxha T K Jenssen C Pallière M Cryans
691 2011 Advanced Spun Cast Material for Steam Reformer Furnace Tubes
S Venkataraman D Jakobi
730 2013 Impact of Shale Gas on the Fertiliser Market
O L Hatfield L Cross
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
J G Reuvers J R Brightling D T Sheldon
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
B Christensen F Bentrup L Six C Pallière A Hoxha
770 2015 World-Wide Trends in Urea Process Technologies
J M G Eijkenboom M J Brouwer
771 2015 Modern Plasma Technology for Nitrogen Fixation: New Opportunities?
R Ingels D Graves S Anderson R Koller
787 2016 Targeting Improving Performance and Conversion Efficiency in Nitric Acid Plants
O Kay T Buennagel
788 2016 Improvements in Nitrogen Addition to the Fertiliser Production Flowsheet
I Blazsek M J Cousins
801 2017 Opportunities for small scale ammonia production
J P Vrijenhoef
802 2017 Role of fertilisers for climate-resilient agriculture
J S Angle U Singh C O Dimkpa D Hellums P S Bindraban
803 2017 Changes, challenges, and opportunities in fertiliser-manufacturing processes: A personal review and outlook
J G Reuvers
818 2018 Dual pressure nitric acid technology with high energy recovery
P Muñoz

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