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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Plant Operation)

Plant Operation Manufacturing, General Production
No. Year Description
34 1955 Compound Fertiliser Formulation
R Stewart
40 1956 Work Study - with Special Reference to Improvement of Productivity in the Fertiliser Industry
A F Shepherd
174 1978 Experience of the Design and Operation of Fertiliser Plants in Developing Countries
J P Hill
245 1986 New Diammonium Phosphate Technology - Powdered or Granular DAP
L M Marzo J L Lopez-Nino
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
P Chinal Y Cotonea C Debateux J F Priat
322 1992 Computerised Maintenance Management - A User's View
B Gilbert
334 1993 Design and Operation of a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant - Eighteenth Francis New Lecture
V Bizzotto
339 1993 Environmental Audits
T K Jenssen
361 1994 Future Needs for Best Practices in Fertiliser Manufacturing and Agriculture
R Perander M Calvert
383 1996 Safe Operation of Fertiliser Plants
M R Bailey R J Milborne I K Watson
399 1997 Manufacturing Life Cycle Support for Fertiliser Plants
J van der Werf R de Heus
416 1998 Nitric Acid and Fertiliser Plants - Solutions to Various Engineering Problems
O von Bertele
435 1999 Catalytic Reduction in Nitric Acid Plants of N2O from Adipic Acid
G Kuhn V Schumacher E Wagner
435 1999 Transport Safety for Nitric Acid by Road and Rail
G Grunenberg K Grimmer V Schumacher
449 2000 Employee Participation for Continuous Improvement in Fertiliser Production and Marketing
G Freeman
451 2000 Design of Rotary Driers and their Application in the Fertiliser Industry
I C Kemp R J Milborne
478 2001 Advances in Technology to Reduce Fertiliser Plant Costs through Improved Maintenance and Reliability
G van Cappellen E Meijer
479 2001 Energy Conservation: Key to Survival for Fertiliser Producers
W D Verduijn J J de Wit
481 2001 Maintenance and Inspection Procedures for the Improvement of Productivity and Safety in Fertiliser Plants
L Nøhr-Nielsen
483 2001 Aspects of Remediation of Land on Sites Used for Fertiliser Manufacture and Storage
L Fellingham
484 2001 Energy Audits of Fertiliser Production Plants
I R Barton J Hunns
515 2003 Ammonium Nitrate Production Using a Pipe Reactor: Experiences over 10 Years
M Voorwinden J-B Peudpièce J-F Granger
516 2003 Safety Assessment of Materials used in Construction and Equipment for Ammonium Nitrate Production and Storage
K D Shah
535 2004 Development and Use of Computer Simulation of Fertiliser Granulation
P Vonk S H Schaafsma
535 2004 IFA / IFDC Fertiliser Training Workshops: Sharing the Experience
T Theys
537 2004 Nitric Acid Production - Operational Safety
J A Hudson
562 2005 Safe Use of Gas-Fired Equipment in Fertiliser Plants
H A M Duisters
648 2009 Urea Technology – Past, Present And Future
J Visser
650 2009 A Company Review of Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Findings of the Baker Report
C P Lynas E Campbell H J Koornhof J R Brightling
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
P Eames J R Brightling
674 2010 A Fertiliser Company Approach to Improving Process Safety Performance
J-P Fossum H Navsaria
692 2011 Technology and Factors Affecting Fertiliser Screening Performance
N E Smith
693 2011 Strategies for Workforce Replacement in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Environment
R Pfaff
694 2011 Risk Based Inspection Implementation: Increasing Plant Safety and Reliability
G Franceschini
721 2013 Applications of Laser Gas Detection in the Fertiliser Industry
H Adam J Selby L Harper
725 2013 Urea-based NPK Granulation - Examination of Constraints and Potential Solutions
S R Doshi
744 2014 History, Development, Status and Opportunities for Kiln Phosphoric Acid
T P Fowler
745 2014 Detection and Localisation of Leakages in Toxic/Flammable Chemicals Pipelines Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors
D Inaudi R de Bont R Walder
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
J G Reuvers J R Brightling D T Sheldon
785 2016 Benchmarking: An Important Milestone in the Journey Towards Process Safety Management Excellence
C Pridy
786 2016 Transforming Vehicle Safety at a Primary Fertiliser Producer in the UK
D Phelan
801 2017 Opportunities for small scale ammonia production
J P Vrijenhoef
806 2017 Capturing phosphoric acid know-how in a training simulator
A Durand S Joao
807 2017 Distributed control system implemented at a UK fertiliser complex: past, present and future
A Southerton
819 2018 Construction of a calcium nitrate plant in the Czech Republic
B Brežný

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