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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Analysis (N,P&K))

Analysis (N,P&K) Quality Control Production
No. Year Description
10 1950 Production of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Plants Grown in Sand Culture and the Effects of some of these Deficiencies on Plant Growth
Eric J Hewitt
10 1950 Uses of Aspergillus Niger for Determining Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum and Manganese in Soil and Plants
D J D Nicholas
16 1952 Recent Advances in N.P.K. Analysis
J H Hamence
16 1952 Determination of Potassium in Fertilisers - Review of Methods
R Donald
16 1952 Photometric Determination of Potassium in Fertilisers using Dipicrylamine
W C Hanson
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis - Joint Symposium
W C Hanson
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis: A Decade of Collaborative Investigation
J H Hamence
62 1960 Determination of Trace Elements in Fertilisers
C J Regan R F Milton S M Boden J B E Patterson
62 1960 Determination of Nitrogen
H N Wilson
62 1960 Determination of Potassium
E W Schwehr H R Conan
62 1960 Determination of Phosphorus
P Craven E W Schwehr
62 1960 Determination of the Phosphorus Content of Rock Phosphate
H L Davies J Lacey H A E Mackenzie A Mendelowitz J Rijkerr
79 1963 Analytical Symposium - Self-actuated Devices and New Methods for Control
H L Davies J Lacey H A E Mackenzie A Mendelowitz J Rijkerr
79 1963 An Automatic Sampler for Granular Materials
P L Baldwin
79 1963 Aids in Assessing Quality of Granular Compound Fertilisers
K Sharples N Dodds
79 1963 Rapid Analytical Control Methods in Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
G Nelson
79 1963 Standard, Physical and Automatic Methods for the Analysis of Fertilisers
A C Docherty
79 1963 Application of Continuous Infra-Red Gas Analysis to the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide in Contact Acid Plant Exit Gas
G Nelson
104 1968 Fertiliser Analytical Methods Symposium
G Nelson
104 1968 Semi Automatic Determination of Total and Ammonia Nitrogen in Fertilisers
P H Janssen
104 1968 Determination of Nitrate Nitrogen in Mixed Fertilisers Using 1.2.4. Phenol-Disulphonic Acid
B Ripp E W Schwehr
104 1968 Gravimetric Determination of Nitrate in Compound Fertilisers using N(-4-Chlorobenzyl)-1-Naphthlymethylamine
W C Hanson
104 1968 Automatic Methods for the Determination of Potash
A C Docherty
104 1968 Determination of Phosphorus in Phosphoric Acid and Sodium Tripolyphosphate
S F Holder
104 1968 Determination of Water in Fertiliser Materials by Microwave Absorption
F W Bennett
194 1980 Sampling, Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis of Fertilisers - A Review of Recent Developments in Methods
G E N Lance A C Docherty
195 1980 Computer Controlled Analysis- Development and Use of a System
J C Scheer T J Brans
266 1988 Role of the Official Chemist in Legislation and Litigation in North America
R C Rund
272 1988 Determination of Moisture in Fertilisers and Analytical Quality Assurance in Fertiliser Production
I Dellien C Svensson
272 1988 Analytical Quality Assurance in Fertiliser Production
I Dellien C Svensson
488 2002 Practical Analytical Methods for Quality Control in Fertiliser Plants
D M Martin J H Falls P R Hayward J Vessey
490 2002 Official Analytical Methods and Legal Tolerances for Fertilisers in Europe
V Czikkely
491 2002 National and European Regulations for Fertiliser Products
P L Graziano M Perelli R Calzavara D J Heather
494 2002 Off-spec and Reject Fertiliser: Management Guidelines
K D Shah J A M van Balken
533 2004 Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Fertiliser Sampling
D C Thompson
558 2005 Introduction to Guidelines for the Production and Handling of Blended Fertilisers
S Pockelé O Miserque
669 2010 Official Sampling of Bulk Fertiliser Supplies
J V Cheetham
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
806 2017 Capturing phosphoric acid know-how in a training simulator
A Durand S Joao

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