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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (General)

General Quality Control Production
No. Year Description
35 1955 Product Control in Fertiliser Manufacture
D Williams
38 1956 Good Quality Granular Fertilisers. Some Research and Manufacturing Problems
B Raistrick
45 1957 Some Investigations into the Application of Radio-Isotope Techniques to Fertiliser Production
P Craven
195 1980 Computer Controlled Analysis- Development and Use of a System
J C Scheer T J Brans
387 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Theory
G E N Lance
388 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Technology
J E Leonard
449 2000 Employee Participation for Continuous Improvement in Fertiliser Production and Marketing
G Freeman
489 2002 Measurement of Physical Characteristics of Fertilisers and their Influence on Handling and Application
S Dutzi
535 2004 Development and Use of Computer Simulation of Fertiliser Granulation
P Vonk S H Schaafsma
535 2004 IFA / IFDC Fertiliser Training Workshops: Sharing the Experience
T Theys
580 2006 Safety Testing of Ammonium Nitrate Products
R J A Kersten E I V van den Hengel A C van der Steen
600 2007 Segregation During Fertiliser Handling: Occurrence, Assessment and Control
R J Farnish M S A Bradley
807 2017 Distributed control system implemented at a UK fertiliser complex: past, present and future
A Southerton
819 2018 Construction of a calcium nitrate plant in the Czech Republic
B Brežný
821 2018 Approaches to improving the quality of phosphoric acid
T Henry

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