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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Particle Shape/Size)

Particle Shape/Size Quality Control Production
No. Year Description
55 1959 Mechanism of Granule Formation
Prof. D M Newitt A L Papadopoulos
74 1962 Screening and Segregation of Fertiliser Materials
C J Stairmand
79 1963 Analytical Symposium - Self-actuated Devices and New Methods for Control
C J Stairmand
79 1963 An Automatic Sampler for Granular Materials
P L Baldwin
79 1963 Aids in Assessing Quality of Granular Compound Fertilisers
K Sharples N Dodds
79 1963 Rapid Analytical Control Methods in Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
G Nelson
79 1963 Standard, Physical and Automatic Methods for the Analysis of Fertilisers
A C Docherty
79 1963 Application of Continuous Infra-Red Gas Analysis to the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide in Contact Acid Plant Exit Gas
G Nelson
194 1980 Sampling, Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis of Fertilisers - A Review of Recent Developments in Methods
G E N Lance A C Docherty
285 1989 Development and use of an On-Line Particle Analyser in a Prilling or Granulation Plant
W Frydenberg
410 1998 Lime, Liming and the Management of Soil Acidity
K W T Goulding B Annis
424 1998 Physical Qualities of Fertilisers and Variable Rate Spreading - Interactions
K Persson
425 1998 Variable Rate Application Equipment - Systems and Data Transfer
V Schanzenbach
451 2000 Design of Rotary Driers and their Application in the Fertiliser Industry
I C Kemp R J Milborne
488 2002 Practical Analytical Methods for Quality Control in Fertiliser Plants
D M Martin J H Falls P R Hayward J Vessey
489 2002 Measurement of Physical Characteristics of Fertilisers and their Influence on Handling and Application
S Dutzi
533 2004 Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Fertiliser Sampling
D C Thompson
547 2004 Non-Segregating Blended Fertiliser Development: A New Predictive Test for Optimising Granulometry
I A Bridle M S A Bradley A R Reed H Abou-Chakra U Tüzün I Hayati M R Phillips
553 2005 Modelling to Aid Assessment of Fertiliser Handling and Spreading Characteristics
E Tijskens P Van Liederkerke H Ramon
554 2005 Segregation of Blended Fertiliser During Spreading: The Effect of Differences in Ballistic Properties
M S A Bradley R J Farnish
555 2005 Photographic Imaging Systems to Measure Fertiliser Granule Velocity During Spreading
F Cointault J Vangeyte
556 2005 Centrifugal Fertiliser Spreaders: A New Method for their Evaluation and Testing
E Piron D Miclet
557 2005 Procedures for Classifying the Physical Qualities of Fertilisers
P C H Miller C S Parkin
558 2005 Introduction to Guidelines for the Production and Handling of Blended Fertilisers
S Pockelé O Miserque
692 2011 Technology and Factors Affecting Fertiliser Screening Performance
N E Smith
767 2015 Update on Fluidised Drum Granulation Technology and its Applicability for Different Fertilisers
S Valkov
783 2016 Granulation of Complex Fertilisers
H Kiiski A G Kells

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