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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Trace Elements)

Trace Elements Quality Control Production
No. Year Description
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis - Joint Symposium
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis: A Decade of Collaborative Investigation
J H Hamence
62 1960 Determination of Trace Elements in Fertilisers
C J Regan R F Milton S M Boden J B E Patterson
62 1960 Determination of Nitrogen
H N Wilson
62 1960 Determination of Potassium
E W Schwehr H R Conan
62 1960 Determination of Phosphorus
P Craven E W Schwehr
62 1960 Determination of the Phosphorus Content of Rock Phosphate
H L Davies J Lacey H A E Mackenzie A Mendelowitz J Rijkerr
409 1998 Agricultural Use of Biosolids (Sewage Sludge)
T D Evans
547 2004 Non-Segregating Blended Fertiliser Development: A New Predictive Test for Optimising Granulometry
I A Bridle M S A Bradley A R Reed H Abou-Chakra U Tüzün I Hayati M R Phillips
766 2015 Uranium Extraction from Phosphoric Acid: The Experience of Prayon
M G J A Collin

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