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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Handling)

Handling Handling, Storage & Distribution Production
No. Year Description
18 1952 Some Aspects of Mechanical Handling in the Fertiliser Industry
J P A McDonald
82 1964 Modern Methods in the Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
J P A McDonald
82 1964 Handling Large Tonnages
George Downie
82 1964 Packages and Containers for Fertilisers
Colin Swinbank
82 1964 Handling and Distribution of Packed Fertilisers
Nils Lagerholm Tage Karlsson
82 1964 Handling and Application of Fertiliser on the Farm
O M Hosegood
110 1969 Production of Ammonium Nitrate including Handling and Safety
R W R Carter A G Roberts
116 1970 Packaging and Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
R W R Carter A G Roberts
116 1970 Some Recent Developments in Fertiliser Packaging
W Miller
116 1970 The Plastic Sack in the Fertiliser Industry
B W Overton
116 1970 Some Aspects of Mechanical Handling in the Fertiliser Industry
R E Worthington
116 1970 Film - High Speed Bagging and Handling of Fertiliser in Plastic Bags presented
R Dean
175 1978 Distribution of Fertiliser Bags - Loading and Unloading Installations
Werner Meifort
224 1984 Aspects of Handling Materials in Bulk.
Werner Meifort
224 1984 Physical Quality of Bulk Fertilisers
A Ohm
224 1984 Mechanical Handling of Bulk Materials
W Miller
392 1996 Bulk Handling Developments
A S Maxwell
394 1996 Fertilisers from Factory to Farm - Keynote Address and Discussion - 5th Int. Conf. Dec. 1996
O J Eilertsen
436 1999 Safer Sheeting for Road Transport and Stacks of Packaged Fertiliser
E G Sharp
584 2006 New Developments in Fertiliser Coatings
E A Bijpost J G Korver
600 2007 Segregation During Fertiliser Handling: Occurrence, Assessment and Control
R J Farnish M S A Bradley
604 2007 Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution
K D Shah
629 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Production, Storage and Distribution: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah
645 2009 Automated IBC Fertiliser Packing Line Installation, with Case Study
P Rosenström S Ahlberg E G Sharp
669 2010 Official Sampling of Bulk Fertiliser Supplies
J V Cheetham
692 2011 Technology and Factors Affecting Fertiliser Screening Performance
N E Smith
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
808 2017 Classification and security legislation updates affecting fertiliser industry
K D Shah A Hoxha

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