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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Packaging - 50kg)

Packaging - 50kg Handling, Storage & Distribution Production
No. Year Description
11 1950 Fertiliser Packaging (The Development of the Paper Sack)
A T Brook
82 1964 Modern Methods in the Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
A T Brook
82 1964 Handling Large Tonnages
George Downie
82 1964 Packages and Containers for Fertilisers
Colin Swinbank
82 1964 Handling and Distribution of Packed Fertilisers
Nils Lagerholm Tage Karlsson
82 1964 Handling and Application of Fertiliser on the Farm
O M Hosegood
116 1970 Packaging and Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
O M Hosegood
116 1970 Some Recent Developments in Fertiliser Packaging
W Miller
116 1970 The Plastic Sack in the Fertiliser Industry
B W Overton
116 1970 Some Aspects of Mechanical Handling in the Fertiliser Industry
R E Worthington
116 1970 Film - High Speed Bagging and Handling of Fertiliser in Plastic Bags presented
R Dean
176 1978 Filling Sacks and Their Collation on Pallets - A Review of Systems
D S Alexander F A King B W Overton
177 1978 A Case Study in Automatic Packaging
R J Milborne J E Leslie D Bedford
225 1984 Automatic Packaging in 50 kg bags.
R J Milborne J E Leslie D Bedford
225 1984 Automatic Packing of Fertilisers
A D S Peat
225 1984 Five Years of Packaging Development
R J Milborne
281 1989 Mobile Bagging in the UK Fertiliser Market
N Lumby
305 1991 Waste Plastics from Agriculture
C McLatchie
317 1992 Advances in Polythene-Based Films for Fertiliser Packing
C A Harris
353 1994 Recycling of Plastic from the Fertiliser Industry
T Johnstone Ø Langerud

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