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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Storage/Transport/Distribution)

Storage/Transport/Distribution Handling, Storage & Distribution Production
No. Year Description
82 1964 Modern Methods in the Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
T Johnstone Ø Langerud
82 1964 Handling Large Tonnages
George Downie
82 1964 Packages and Containers for Fertilisers
Colin Swinbank
82 1964 Handling and Distribution of Packed Fertilisers
Nils Lagerholm Tage Karlsson
82 1964 Handling and Application of Fertiliser on the Farm
O M Hosegood
117 1970 Economics of Ammonia Production and Distribution - International Symposium
O M Hosegood
117 1970 Start-up Problems of New Large Ammonia Plants and the Effect on the Ammonia Market
Daphne L Mermikides
117 1970 Effect of Operating Rate as a Percentage of Design Capacity on Profitability of Ammonia Plant Operation
Harry W Lambe
117 1970 Effect of Economic and Site Factors on Technical Design Parameters in Ammonia Plant Design
M Sales F C Brown
117 1970 Economic Comparison Between Steam Reforming and Partial Oxidation for Ammonia Production
D L Banquy
117 1970 Energy Balance Considerations for Naphtha Based Ammonia Plants - Review
M Bignon
117 1970 Storage and Handling Costs for Anhydrous Ammonia in Relation to Variable Off Take and Stockholding
A M M Brown
117 1970 Comparative Costs of Ammonia Transport
George C Sweeney, Jr
117 1970 Ocean Shipping of Ammonia - Costs and Forms of Contracts
C Marner
117 1970 Recent Trends in Published Ammonia Prices and The Prospects for 1971-1975
Nicolas P Smith Michel E Marjon
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
W T Charlton J D Crerar R C Akroyd
159 1976 New Methods in the Distribution of Solid Fertilisers - A Survey
O Gronlie
182 1979 Risk Analysis and Fertiliser Plant
Sir Frederick Warner
256 1987 Latest Technology and Methods Used for Bulk Blending and Fertiliser Storage in the United States
L Taylor
265 1988 Storage and Distribution of Straight Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers in Bulk
W van Hijfte
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
L Lunde R Nyborg
308 1991 Ammonia Storage Inspection
S Hewerdine
315 1992 Transport of Fertilisers by Road and Rail
P J Graham
316 1992 Transport of Fertilisers by Ship and Barge
G Connors
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
R Nyborg L Lunde P-E Drønen
406 1997 Product Stewardship (Fertilisers)
D M Martin R S N Carne
435 1999 Catalytic Reduction in Nitric Acid Plants of N2O from Adipic Acid
G Kuhn V Schumacher E Wagner
435 1999 Transport Safety for Nitric Acid by Road and Rail
G Grunenberg K Grimmer V Schumacher
436 1999 Safer Sheeting for Road Transport and Stacks of Packaged Fertiliser
E G Sharp
445 1999 Nitrogen Fertiliser Planning and Marketing in a Changing World - 21st Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Higgs CBE
448 2000 Ammonium Nitrate: Safety Aspects of Blended and Granulated Compound Fertilisers based on Ammonium Nitrate
K D Shah D C Thompson
482 2001 De-Commissioning of Ammonia Cold-Storage Tanks
J Kristensen R Fogg
492 2002 Safety Legislation and the Fertiliser Industry
K D Shah
496 2002 Ammonium Nitrate: Toxic Fume Risk from Fires in Storage
G Atkinson W D Adams
508 2003 Product Stewardship Applied to Fertilisers
H Kiiski R J Milborne
514 2003 Fluid Fertilisers: Development of Procedures to Characterise their Physical Properties
D A Palgrave D C-H Cheng
516 2003 Safety Assessment of Materials used in Construction and Equipment for Ammonium Nitrate Production and Storage
K D Shah
533 2004 Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Fertiliser Sampling
D C Thompson
534 2004 Review of Recent Legislation Affecting the Fertiliser Industry
D J Heather J A M van Balken
561 2005 Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Solution: Corrosive Characteristics and Hazards
K DeMarsh
580 2006 Safety Testing of Ammonium Nitrate Products
R J A Kersten E I V van den Hengel A C van der Steen
581 2006 Ammonium Nitrate Handling Operations: Guidance for Safe Practice
K D Shah J A M van Balken
583 2006 Phase Stabilisation of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
H Kiiski
584 2006 New Developments in Fertiliser Coatings
E A Bijpost J G Korver
585 2006 Ammonium Nitrate Transport: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah J F D Chys
597 2007 Fertiliser Security and Traceability - The UK Approach
G P Smith J M W Kelley M W Buchan D J Heather
598 2007 Managing Secure Fertiliser Logistics Using a Web-based System
B Meijburg
599 2007 Technologies for Tracking, Tracing and Identification of Products Across Global Supply Chains
K A Osman
600 2007 Segregation During Fertiliser Handling: Occurrence, Assessment and Control
R J Farnish M S A Bradley
603 2007 Inspection of Atmospheric Ammonia Storage Tanks; New EFMA Recommendations
H A M Duisters
604 2007 Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution
K D Shah
628 2008 Safety Assessment of Bitumen-based Asphalt (Tarmac) Flooring in Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Stores
R H Dyson P Waller K D Shah
629 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Production, Storage and Distribution: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
E J Pullinger S R Williams M W Buchan K D Shah
645 2009 Automated IBC Fertiliser Packing Line Installation, with Case Study
P Rosenström S Ahlberg E G Sharp
689 2011 Fertilisers and the EU REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations
M Alessio Vernì
708 2012 How Not to Ship Fertiliser
D C Thompson
731 2013 Fertiliser Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
M Wanzala R Groot
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
K Bakli O N Mortensen C Valand
752 2014 Life Cycle Management of Phosphogypsum Stacks
G R Albarelli B K Birky
769 2015 Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value - The 29th Francis New Memorial Lecture
A H Roy
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
786 2016 Transforming Vehicle Safety at a Primary Fertiliser Producer in the UK
D Phelan
808 2017 Classification and security legislation updates affecting fertiliser industry
K D Shah A Hoxha

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