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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Nitrogen)

Nitrogen Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
25 1953 Investigations on the Agricultural Value of Nitrophosphate and Anhydrous Ammonia
E G Mulder
37 1956 N.P.K. Residues from Fertilisers and Farmyard Manure in Long-Term Experiments at Rothamsted
R G Warren
80 1964 Nitrogen Fertilisers: Their Place in Food Production, the Forms which are made and their Efficiencies
G W Cooke
85 1965 Ammonium Nitrate: Manufacture and Use
C H Solomon K S Barclay
90 1966 Isobutylidene Diurea as a Slow Acting Nitrogen Fertiliser and the Studies in this Field in Japan
Masao Hamamoto
99 1967 Potassium Nitrate
Ir Y Araten A Baniel R Blumberg
113 1970 Urea-Agronomic Applications
T E Tomlinson
142 1974 Role of Nitrogen in Grassland Productivity
T E Tomlinson
142 1974 Quantity and Timing of Fertiliser N for Grass and Grass/Clover Swards
J S Brockman
142 1974 Use of Nitrogen Fertilisers on Grassland for Milk Production
F J Gordon
142 1974 Variation in Response of Grass to Fertiliser N in Relation to the Environment
J Morrison M V Jackson T E Williams
142 1974 Economics of Nitrogen Fertiliser on Grassland for Milk and Meat Production
J A Craven J B Kilkenny
142 1974 Role of Nitrogen Fertiliser in the Production of Beef from Grass
Prof. W Holmes
180 1979 Practical Experience with Ureaform Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser During the past 20 Years and Outlook for the Future
H Schneider L Veegans
228 1984 Nitrates and Health
D D Bryson
229 1984 Flow of Nitrogen in Grassland
John C Ryden
230 1984 Improving Nitrogen Efficiency in Wetland Rice Soils
Paul L G Vlek Ian R P Fillery
243 1986 Nitrophosphates with Variable Water Solubility: Preparation and Properties
L Diehl K F Kummer H Oertel
257 1987 Rationale for Mixed Ammonium Nitrate - Urea Fertilisers and Assessment of Granular Products
M K Garrett
262 1987 A Dynamic Model to Predict Yield and Optimum Nitrogen Fertiliser Application Rate for Potatoes
J J Neeteson D J Greenwood A Draycott
263 1987 Nitrogen Advice for Cereals: Present Realities and Future Possibilities
R Sylvester-Bradley T M Addiscott L V Vaidyanathan A W A Murray A P Whitmore
273 1988 Placement of Solid Fertilisers in Agricultural Crops: A Review
H Knittel
273 1988 Experiments with Fertigation as a Method of Placement of Fertilisers in Fruit Growing in the Netherlands
J A Kipp
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
W H Prins K Dilz J J Neeteson
286 1989 Nitrogen Cycle in UK Arable Agriculture
A E Johnston D S Jenkinson
287 1989 Nitrogen Transformations and Nitrogen Balances in Scandinavian Soils
G Bertilsson
287 1989 Nitrogen Utilisation in Relation to N- Fertilisation
H Kuhlmann Th Engels
298 1990 Ammonia Volatilisation from Agricultural Land
S C Jarvis B F Pain
299 1990 Losses of Nitrogen by Denitrification and Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from Soils
K A Smith J R M Arah
313 1991 Nutrient Influences on the Nitrate Content of Vegetables
H C Scharpf
325 1992 Nitrogen Immobilisation and Leaching in Pasture Soils
S P Cuttle P C Bourne
326 1992 Nitrogen Economy of Grazed Grassland
M K Garrett C J Watson C Jordan R W J Steen R V Smith
327 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Intensively Grazed Swards
E I Lord
329 1992 Effect of Nitrogen Fertiliser on the Nitrogen Cycle of Two Upland Arable Soils of Contrasting Textures
A J A Vinten B J Vivian R S Howard
330 1992 Nitrate Leaching under Arable Land Ploughed out from Grass
A Lloyd
331 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Potatoes and Spring Barley on Sandy Soils, with and without Irrigation
M A Shepherd
359 1994 Nitrate - Best Agricultural Practice for Water
B T Croll
396 1997 Fertilisers & Agriculture: 50 Years of Development and Challenges. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
A E Johnston
403 1997 Nitrogen Recommendation Systems - A Review
G H MacKenzie J-C Taureau
420 1998 Remote Sensing for Precision Soil and Crop Management
H Poilvé P Saint-Aubert
422 1998 Using Maps and Local Calculation Methods for Spatially Variable Fertiliser Recommendations
M Grandzinski M Vanoverstraeten D Schröder R C Finch
423 1998 Variable Nitrogen Application Based on Crop Sensing
J Wollring S Reusch C Karlsson
426 1998 Precision Farming: On-farm Experience
J P Fenton
438 1999 Life Cycle Approach to Nutrient and Energy Efficiency in European Agriculture
J Küsters
442 1999 Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture: Use and Management of Nutrients
K Parris L Reille
454 2000 Urease Activity and Inhibition - Principles and Practice
C J Watson
455 2000 Development and Testing of a New Nitrification Inhibitor
W Zerulla K F Kummer A Wissemeier M Rädle
456 2000 Dietary Nitrate: A Re-Evaluation of the Beneficial and Other Effects
C Leifert M H Golden
462 2001 Nitrogen Cycling in Grassland Systems
C J Watson
463 2001 Dynamics of Soil and Fertiliser Nitrogen in Arable Systems
S Recous
464 2001 Gaseous Loss of Oxides of Nitrogen from the Agricultural Nitrogen Cycle
D E Rolston R T Venterea
473 2001 Modelling to Improve the Effectiveness of Fertiliser Recommendations
P de Willigen
486 2001 Inputs of Nutrients and Lime for the Maintenance of Fertility of Grassland Soils
A E Johnston P R Poulton C J Dawson M J Crawley
487 2001 Reducing Fertiliser Inputs: Endangering Arable Soil Fertility?
A E Johnston K W T Goulding P R Poulton A G Chalmers
517 2003 Effect of Nitrate Legislation on Fertiliser Nitrogen Management for Grassland
J Humphreys K O'Connell C J Watson
518 2003 Strategies to Meet Requirements of the EU-Nitrate Directive on Intensive Dairy Farms
H F M Aarts
519 2003 Strategies to Meet the Requirements of the Nitrate Directive on Arable and Field Vegetable Farms in the Netherlands
J W A Langeveld
520 2003 Nitrogen Input Controls on Danish Farms: Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Effects
L Knudsen
573 2005 Foliar Urea Fertilisation and the Management of Yield and Quality in Wheat
M J Gooding
574 2005 Manure as a Suitable Component of Precise Nitrogen Nutrition
J J Schröder
615 2007 Potassium and Nitrogen Interactions in Crop Production
G F J Milford A E Johnston
651 2009 Nitrogen in Agriculture: An Overview and Definitions of Nitrogen Use Efficiency
A E Johnston P R Poulton
652 2009 Impact of Soil Microbial Biomass and Fertiliser Source on Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C Bosshard A Oberson J Mayer
653 2009 Nitrogen in Physiology - An Agronomic Perspective and Implications for the Use of Different Nitrogen Forms
E A Kirkby J Le Bot S Adamowicz V Roemheld
654 2009 Management of Nitrogen Inputs on Farm Within the EU Regulatory Framework
H F M ten Berge W van Dijk
657 2009 Nitrogen Efficiency and Ammonia Emissions from Urea-based and Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
B J Chambers P M R Dampney
658 2009 Modification of Nitrogen Fertilisers Using Inhibitors: Opportunities and Potentials for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C J Watson R J Laughlin K L McGeough
659 2009 Costs and Effects of Uneven Spreading of Nitrogen Fertilisers
P C H Miller E Audsley I R Richards
660 2009 Nitrogen Fertilisation of Established Grassland for Milk and Meat
G E J Fisher E C Jewkes
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
V Parnaudeau M H Jeuffroy J M Machet R Reau C Bissuel Ph Eveillard H S Østergaard
J H Orson
662 2009 Improved Precision of Arable Nitrogen Applications: Requirements, Technologies and Implementation
H-W Olfs
664 2009 Integrating Nitrogen Use and Food Production with Environmental Expectations
J W Erisman
682 2010 Fertigation Management Using Soil Sensor Controls in Field Cropping, with Flow-Aid Case Study
J Balendonck B A J van Tuijl F L K Kempkes J Wilms J J de Haan
683 2010 Best Management Principles and Techniques to Optimise Nutrient Use Efficiency
L O Torres A Link
710 2012 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Associated with Nitrogen Use on Arable Crops in England
R E Thorman K E Smith R M Rees M Chauhan G Bennett S Malkin D G Munro
R Sylvester-Bradley
728 2013 Comparison of the Environmental Impact of Three Forms of Nitrogen Fertiliser
S Marquis T Genter A Buet A Berthoud
753 2014 Spatial Variation of Soil Mineral Nitrogen as a Guide to Sampling for Site-Specific Management
M A Oliver C J Dawson
754 2014 Assessment and Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralisation and its Effect on Crop Productivity
M M A Blake-Kalff L Blake
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
Ph Eveillard M Lambert M Herve A Bouthier L Champolivier S Marquis C Rocca
D Roussel
773 2015 Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) - An Indicator for the Utilisation of Nitrogen in Agricultural and Food Systems
O Oenema
774 2015 Fertilisation for Optimised Yield can Minimise Nitrate Leaching in Grain Production
S Delin I Gruvaeus J Wetterlind M Stenberg G Frostgård K Börling C Olsson
A Krijger
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
D Fangueiro S Surgy I Fraga E Vasconcelos J Coutinho
789 2016 Updating Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations: Principles and Practice
J P Newell Price M Lobley J R Williams
790 2016 Crop Available Nitrogen Supply from Food-based Digestate
A Bhogal F A Nicholson M Taylor A Rollett J R Williams
793 2016 Effects of Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors on Yields and Emissions in Grassland and Spring Barley
P J Forrestal D P Wall R Carolan M A Harty L M Roche D J Krol C J Watson
G J Lanigan K G Richards
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen
797 2016 Impact of Superior Silage Quality on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B A Aby A T Randby L Aass
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
S M Clarke S E Roques P M Berry J P Newell Price S M Knight
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
J-P Cohan F X Oury A Mailliard J Lorgeou C Le Souder S Praud M H Bernicot
J Le Gouis
812 2017 Crop spectral reflectance to support decision making on crop nutrition
J-P Goffart A Gobin C Delloye Y Curnel
814 2017 The greener nitrogen revolution: cereal and other non-legume crop symbiotic nitrogen fixation
E C Cocking

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