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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Animal Production)

Animal Production Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
88 1965 Effect of Fertilisers on the Nutritive Value and Production Potential of Forages
W F Raymond C R W Spedding
105 1968 Fertilisers and Animal Production
K L Blaxter
197 1981 Milk Production - The Role of Fertilisers
W Thompson T Blair
198 1981 Meat Production - The Role of Fertilisers
H K Baker
199 1981 Nitrogen and Intensification of Livestock Farming in EEC Countries
P F J van Burg W H Prins D J den Boer W J Sluiman
288 1989 Fertilisers and Grass Quality
H Beringer
289 1989 Nutritive Value of Grass in Relation to Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances in the Ruminant
J Price
370 1995 Constraints on the World's Small Farmers
E R Ørskov
407 1997 Animal Feed - An Important Fertiliser Input Source
S-O Malmqvist L Göransson
466 2001 Fertiliser Usage and the Mineral Requirements of Grazing Livestock
R G Hemingway J J Parkins
501 2002 Sulphur Fertilisers, Forage Quality and Animal Production
R Till
505 2002 Organic Manures as Sources of Fertiliser Sulphur
J Eriksen
517 2003 Effect of Nitrate Legislation on Fertiliser Nitrogen Management for Grassland
J Humphreys K O'Connell C J Watson
518 2003 Strategies to Meet Requirements of the EU-Nitrate Directive on Intensive Dairy Farms
H F M Aarts
549 2004 Micronutrients for Grass/Animal Systems
G E J Fisher
574 2005 Manure as a Suitable Component of Precise Nitrogen Nutrition
J J Schröder
594 2006 Phosphorus for Livestock: Requirements, Efficient Use and Excretion
I E Steén
595 2006 Need And Opportunities To Reduce Phosphorus Inputs, Soil Supply and Loss from Agriculture in The Netherlands
J J Neeteson J J Schröder A L Smit J F F P Bos J Verloop
618 2007 Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium in Grass and Animal Nutrition: A Question of Balance
S C Jarvis G E J Fisher
618 2007 Potassium Requirements for Grass Cut for Silage - A Review
R G Hemingway
619 2007 Potassium and Magnesium in Manures and Organic By-Products
J Salomez S De Bolle J Bries S De Neve G Hofman
660 2009 Nitrogen Fertilisation of Established Grassland for Milk and Meat
G E J Fisher E C Jewkes
684 2010 Nutrient Planning in Dairy Farming on Temperate Grassland: The Need for an Integrated Approach
P R Scott
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
P S Bindraban J G Conijn R E E Jongschaap J Qi M A Hanjra J W Kijne P Steduto
H M J Udo T Owels I de Boer
712 2012 Practical Advice for Slurry Application Strategies for Grassland Systems
S T J Lalor N J Hoekstra P N C Murphy K G Richards G J Lanigan
713 2012 Development of a Novel Technology for Delivering Soil Applied Micronutrient Fertilisers to Crops
M Goodwin
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
D Fangueiro S Surgy I Fraga E Vasconcelos J Coutinho
789 2016 Updating Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations: Principles and Practice
J P Newell Price M Lobley J R Williams
797 2016 Impact of Superior Silage Quality on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B A Aby A T Randby L Aass
815 2017 Ammonia emissions from pasture-based production systems: a collation of Irish research
W Burchill P J Forrestal I Kavanagh G J Lanigan

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