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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Application/Distribution/Spreading/Placement)

Application/Distribution/Spreading/Placement Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
6 1949 Fertiliser Placement
G W Cooke
25 1953 Investigations on the Agricultural Value of Nitrophosphate and Anhydrous Ammonia
E G Mulder
32 1955 Problems of Corrosion by Fertilisers.
E G Mulder
32 1955 Chemistry and Metallurgy of Corrosion of Metals by Fertiliser Materials
W D Clark
32 1955 Methods used by Manufacturers to Reduce the Corrosive Effect of Fertilisers on Fertiliser Distributing Machines
J E Nicholson
32 1955 Corrosion of Steels in Relation to Fertiliser Chemicals
C R Pipe
32 1955 Fertiliser Distribution - Problems of Corrosion Prevention on the Farm
Rex Paterson
44 1957 Fertilisers in Solution
N H Pizer
60 1960 Current Agricultural Techniques for the Broadcast Application of Fertilisers
P Hebblethwaite J A Pascal
82 1964 Modern Methods in the Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
P Hebblethwaite J A Pascal
82 1964 Handling Large Tonnages
George Downie
82 1964 Packages and Containers for Fertilisers
Colin Swinbank
82 1964 Handling and Distribution of Packed Fertilisers
Nils Lagerholm Tage Karlsson
82 1964 Handling and Application of Fertiliser on the Farm
O M Hosegood
93 1966 Liquid Fertilisers: Technology and Implication
J D Thirkell
133 1973 New Developments in Manufacture and Use of Liquid Fertilisers
A V Slack F P Achorn
149 1975 New Developments in Handling and Application of Solid Fertilisers
L Couette
159 1976 New Methods in the Distribution of Solid Fertilisers - A Survey
O Gronlie
175 1978 Distribution of Fertiliser Bags - Loading and Unloading Installations
Werner Meifort
207 1982 Surface treatments - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 2
Werner Meifort
207 1982 Protecting Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant: The Role of Surface Coatings
R S Hullcoop
207 1982 Corrosion and Protection of Concrete in an Ammonium Nitrate Environment
D W May
207 1982 Solving Wear Problems in a Compound Fertiliser Plant
P Furnival
240 1985 Effects of Uneven Fertiliser Spreading on Crop Yield and Quality
K Dilz G D van Brakel I R Richards
241 1985 Fertiliser Spreading Mechanisms and their Performance in Practice
D A Bull J M Crowe
242 1985 Future Trends in Fertiliser Handling and Application
M J Willis G J Poesse
273 1988 Placement of Solid Fertilisers in Agricultural Crops: A Review
H Knittel
273 1988 Experiments with Fertigation as a Method of Placement of Fertilisers in Fruit Growing in the Netherlands
J A Kipp
274 1988 Placement of Starter Fertilisers to Improve the Early Growth of Drilled and Transplanted Vegetables
P A Costigan
311 1991 Modern Granular Fertiliser Application Techniques
N Moller J E T Svenssen
357 1994 Fertiliser Spreading and Application
J E T Svenssen
387 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Theory
G E N Lance
388 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Technology
J E Leonard
389 1996 Interactions between Fertilisers and Spreaders
K Persson
390 1996 Measurement & Classification of the Flow and Spreading Characteristics of Individual Fertilisers
P C H Miller
391 1996 Precision Farming: Implications for Fertiliser Application Policies
C J Dawson
411 1998 Soil and Plant Potassium in Agriculture
J Keith Syers
424 1998 Physical Qualities of Fertilisers and Variable Rate Spreading - Interactions
K Persson
425 1998 Variable Rate Application Equipment - Systems and Data Transfer
V Schanzenbach
426 1998 Precision Farming: On-farm Experience
J P Fenton
427 1998 Trends in Information Technology for Precision Farming
P Jürschik
431 1999 Preparation Methods and Release Mechanisms of Controlled Release Fertilisers: Agronomic Efficiency and Environmental Significance
A Shaviv
439 1999 Automatic Recording by Application Machinery of Rates and Spatial Distribution of Field Inputs
P C H Miller
440 1999 Nutrient Record-Keeping and Reporting for Legislation, Crop Assurance and Traceability
O L H Møller Hansen J A Breembroek K A Lewis
469 2001 Improvement of Fertiliser Efficiency - Product Processing, Positioning and Application Methods
A Shaviv
474 2001 Plant Factors and Opportunities for the Improvement of Root Functioning
W J Davies C Dobson T Rados-Blanusa
489 2002 Measurement of Physical Characteristics of Fertilisers and their Influence on Handling and Application
S Dutzi
545 2004 Micronutrient Product Types and their Development
K Moran
553 2005 Modelling to Aid Assessment of Fertiliser Handling and Spreading Characteristics
E Tijskens P Van Liederkerke H Ramon
554 2005 Segregation of Blended Fertiliser During Spreading: The Effect of Differences in Ballistic Properties
M S A Bradley R J Farnish
555 2005 Photographic Imaging Systems to Measure Fertiliser Granule Velocity During Spreading
F Cointault J Vangeyte
556 2005 Centrifugal Fertiliser Spreaders: A New Method for their Evaluation and Testing
E Piron D Miclet
557 2005 Procedures for Classifying the Physical Qualities of Fertilisers
P C H Miller C S Parkin
558 2005 Introduction to Guidelines for the Production and Handling of Blended Fertilisers
S Pockelé O Miserque
564 2005 Soil Management for Nutrient Use Efficiency: An Overview
P J Gregory T S George
570 2005 Nutrient Uptake Efficiency Relative to Location in the Root Zone and to Stratification
M M Alley
571 2005 Fertigation Frequency and Nutrient Uptake by Plants: Benefits and Constraints
A Silber
573 2005 Foliar Urea Fertilisation and the Management of Yield and Quality in Wheat
M J Gooding
642 2008 Assessment of Manure Transport Distances and their Impact on Economic and Energy Costs
R Fealy J J Schröder
654 2009 Management of Nitrogen Inputs on Farm Within the EU Regulatory Framework
H F M ten Berge W van Dijk
655 2009 Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide Emissions Following Field-application of Manure: State of the Art Measurements in the Netherlands
J F M Huijsmans R L M Schils
656 2009 Nitrogen Recovery from Organic Manures: Improved Slurry Application Techniques and Treatment - the Danish Scenario
T S Birkmose
659 2009 Costs and Effects of Uneven Spreading of Nitrogen Fertilisers
P C H Miller E Audsley I R Richards
734 2013 Method of Calculating Effects of Uneven Spreading of Fertiliser Nitrogen
I R Richards R D Hobson
737 2013 Sampling and Geostatistics for Precision Agriculture
M A Oliver R Kerry
739 2013 Phosphorus Fertiliser Applications to Cereals: Comparing Different Methods for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
D P Wall M Plunkett R Hackett S T J Lalor
750 2014 Towards Fertilisers for Improved Uptake by Plants
P S Bindraban C O Dimkpa L Nagarajan A H Roy R Rabbinge
753 2014 Spatial Variation of Soil Mineral Nitrogen as a Guide to Sampling for Site-Specific Management
M A Oliver C J Dawson
762 2014 Ammonia Volatilisation after Application of Fertilisers and Organic Products: Potential for Updating Emission Factors
S Génermont
772 2015 Factors Affecting Soil pH and the Use of Different Liming Materials
K W T Goulding
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
D Fangueiro S Surgy I Fraga E Vasconcelos J Coutinho
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
802 2017 Role of fertilisers for climate-resilient agriculture
J S Angle U Singh C O Dimkpa D Hellums P S Bindraban
816 2017 The improvement of centrifugal fertiliser spreaders for precision application control
M Nørremark M Nielsen K Persson

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