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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Nitrophosphates)

Nitrophosphates Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
25 1953 Investigations on the Agricultural Value of Nitrophosphate and Anhydrous Ammonia
E G Mulder
75 1963 Agricultural Evaluation of Nitrophosphates with Particular Reference to Direct and Cumulative Phosphate Effects, and to Interaction between Water Solubility and Granule Size
P F J van Burg
75 1963 Agricultural Value of some Water and Citrate Soluble Phosphate Fertilisers: An Account of Recent Work at Rothamsted and Elsewhere
G E G Mattingly
243 1986 Nitrophosphates with Variable Water Solubility: Preparation and Properties
L Diehl K F Kummer H Oertel

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