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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Potassium)

Potassium Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
22 1953 Potash Mining and Production
P L Garès
22 1953 Potash Utilisation in Agriculture
G A Cowie
37 1956 N.P.K. Residues from Fertilisers and Farmyard Manure in Long-Term Experiments at Rothamsted
R G Warren
72 1962 Accumulation and Loss of Soil Potassium in Long Term Experiments, Rothamsted and Woburn
R G Warren A E Johnston
72 1962 Potassium Status of some English Soils Considered as a Problem of Energy Relationships
P W Arnold
76 1963 Potassium Metaphosphate: A Novel Method of Manufacture and a Summary of its Behaviour as a Fertiliser
F J Harris
92 1966 Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilisers: Their Forms and Their Places in Agriculture
G W Cooke
99 1967 Potassium Nitrate
Ir Y Araten A Baniel R Blumberg
115 1970 Behaviour of Potassium in Soils
P W Arnold
150 1975 Influence of Long-Term Potash Fertilising on Soil and Crops
H Bruchholz
273 1988 Placement of Solid Fertilisers in Agricultural Crops: A Review
H Knittel
273 1988 Experiments with Fertigation as a Method of Placement of Fertilisers in Fruit Growing in the Netherlands
J A Kipp
274 1988 Placement of Starter Fertilisers to Improve the Early Growth of Drilled and Transplanted Vegetables
P A Costigan
297 1990 Tailoring Potash to the Needs of the Fertiliser Industry
H Rug
328 1992 Environmental Aspects of Potash Needs, Use and Production
H Beringer
391 1996 Precision Farming: Implications for Fertiliser Application Policies
C J Dawson
396 1997 Fertilisers & Agriculture: 50 Years of Development and Challenges. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
A E Johnston
411 1998 Soil and Plant Potassium in Agriculture
J Keith Syers
417 1998 Precision Agriculture: Sampling to Estimate Soil Nutrients
M A Oliver Z L Frogbrook
418 1998 Soil Analysis Techniques - The Need to Combine Precision with Accuracy
C Collins A L Budden
419 1998 Assessment of Some Spatially Variable Soil Factors Limiting Crop Yields
A E Johnston P B Barraclough P R Poulton C J Dawson
422 1998 Using Maps and Local Calculation Methods for Spatially Variable Fertiliser Recommendations
M Grandzinski M Vanoverstraeten D Schröder R C Finch
426 1998 Precision Farming: On-farm Experience
J P Fenton
465 2001 Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur Cycles in Agricultural Soils
A E Johnston P R Poulton J Keith Syers
486 2001 Inputs of Nutrients and Lime for the Maintenance of Fertility of Grassland Soils
A E Johnston P R Poulton C J Dawson M J Crawley
487 2001 Reducing Fertiliser Inputs: Endangering Arable Soil Fertility?
A E Johnston K W T Goulding P R Poulton A G Chalmers
605 2007 Mechanisms of Potassium Transport in Plants
D T Britto H J Kronzucker
606 2007 Potassium Transporters and Plant Salt Tolerance
S Shabala T A Cuin
607 2007 Crops and Genotypes Differ in Efficiency of Potassium Uptake and Use
Z Rengel P M Damon
608 2007 Beneficial Effects of Potassium on Human Health
F J He G A MacGregor
610 2007 Effect of Potassium Nutrition on Pest and Disease Resistance in Plants
A Amtmann S Troufflard P Armengaud
611 2007 Role of Potassium in Alleviating Abiotic Stress
I Cakmak
613 2007 Potassium and Soil Fertility: Long Term Experimental Evidence
A E Johnston
614 2007 Potassium Influence on Crop Yield and Quality
W T Pettigrew
615 2007 Potassium and Nitrogen Interactions in Crop Production
G F J Milford A E Johnston
618 2007 Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium in Grass and Animal Nutrition: A Question of Balance
S C Jarvis G E J Fisher
618 2007 Potassium Requirements for Grass Cut for Silage - A Review
R G Hemingway
619 2007 Potassium and Magnesium in Manures and Organic By-Products
J Salomez S De Bolle J Bries S De Neve G Hofman
620 2007 Potassium and Magnesium Fertiliser Recommendations in Some European Countries
L M Ristimäki
621 2007 Recommendations and Use of Potassium Fertilisers in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE)
W Grzebisz M Fotyma
711 2012 Recent Advances in Understanding the Role of Potassium and Magnesium in Mitigating Abiotic Stress in Crops
A Gransee H-P König H Führs J McHoul
791 2016 Effect on Soil Nutrient Status of Input/Output Balances for Phosphate and Potassium in France
Ph Eveillard N P A Saby L Gouny P Denoroy B Lemercier
792 2016 Potassium Management in Soils and Crops: A Review
A E Johnston P R Poulton K W T Goulding A J Macdonald M J Glendining

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