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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Quality of Food and Crops)

Quality of Food and Crops Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
139 1974 Some Effects of Fertilisers on Food Quality and Flavour
Prof F Aylward Prof E C Apling V D Arthey C Bould
240 1985 Effects of Uneven Fertiliser Spreading on Crop Yield and Quality
K Dilz G D van Brakel I R Richards
252 1986 Internal Quality Aspects of Sugar Beet
M A Van der Beek A W M Huijbregts
253 1986 Fertilisers and Quality of Wheat and Barley
G Russell
288 1989 Fertilisers and Grass Quality
H Beringer
289 1989 Nutritive Value of Grass in Relation to Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances in the Ruminant
J Price
313 1991 Nutrient Influences on the Nitrate Content of Vegetables
H C Scharpf
314 1991 Food Quality and Mineral Composition
P Varo
412 1998 Magnesium Fertilisers in Soil and Plants: Comparisons and Usage
A P Draycott M F Allison
421 1998 An Investigation into the Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Yield Maps
M R Moore P R Kremmer
441 1999 Public Confidence in Fertilisers and in Food Quality and Safety
M N Hall J L Jones
444 1999 Quantifying Responsible Plant Nutrition - Introductory and Keynote Addresses, and Discussion - 8th Int. Conference
K F Isherwood D Richardson
467 2001 Selenium Inclusion in Fertilisers to Correct an Inadequate National Dietary Intake
H Hartikainen P Ekholm
472 2001 Organic and Conventional Grown Foodstuffs: Nutritional and Toxicological Quality Comparisons
J Kumpulainen
501 2002 Sulphur Fertilisers, Forage Quality and Animal Production
R Till
521 2003 Greenhouse Crop Production in Europe and its Perspective in the 21st Century
E Heuvelink J H Lee O van Kooten
526 2003 Nutrition of Protected Leaf Vegetables
I G Burns A Escobar-Gutierrez K Zhang
527 2003 Nutrition of Protected Fruit Vegetables
A Bar-Tal B Aloni L Karni H Aktaf
528 2003 Nutrition of Protected Strawberries
F Lieten
542 2004 Micronutrients in the Diet for Human Health and Welfare
J R Arthur
550 2004 Micronutrients for Perennial Fruit Crops: Identification and Treatment of Deficiencies
B Marangoni G Marcolini M Toselli
551 2004 Micronutrients in Arable and Field Vegetable Crop Production
I R Richards
552 2004 Identification and Correction of Widespread Zinc Deficiency in Turkey - A Success Story (A NATO-Science for Stability Project)
I Cakmak
573 2005 Foliar Urea Fertilisation and the Management of Yield and Quality in Wheat
M J Gooding
575 2005 Heavy Metals in Fertilisers: Their Effect on Soil and Plant Health
J J Mortvedt
578 2006 Integrated Farm Management: Principles and Progress of Good Agricultural Practice
C J Drummond
579 2006 Integrated Nutrient Management on Farm: Three Case Studies
H Wahlstedt L Törner A Guy P Huxtable
608 2007 Beneficial Effects of Potassium on Human Health
F J He G A MacGregor
612 2007 Role of Magnesium Nutrition in Growth and Stress Tolerance
I Cakmak E A Kirkby
614 2007 Potassium Influence on Crop Yield and Quality
W T Pettigrew
616 2007 Magnesium Functions in Crop Nutrition and Yield
V Roemheld E A Kirkby
663 2009 Can Organic Farming Feed the World? A Contribution to the Debate on the Ability of Organic Farming Systems to Provide Sustainable Supplies of Food
K W T Goulding A J Trewavas K E Giller
702 2011 Role of Micronutrients in Maximising Yields and in Bio-Fortification of Food Crops
K Moran
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
B T Christensen L Elsgaard
794 2016 Managing Soils to Alleviate Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southern Africa: Possibilities and Knowledge Gaps
M G Manzeke F Mtambanengwe M J Watts M R Broadley P Mapfumo
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen
797 2016 Impact of Superior Silage Quality on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B A Aby A T Randby L Aass

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