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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Recommendations & Advice)

Recommendations & Advice Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
53 1958 Science in the Service of Agriculture
Sir William Slater, KBE
57 1959 Soil Analysis and Fertiliser Recommendation
A M Smith
65 1961 Current Fertiliser Practice in Relation to Manurial Requirements
D A Boyd
69 1961 On Getting Through to the Farmer
Kevin Fitzgerald
97 1967 Developing a Basis for Fertiliser Use - Fifth Francis New Memorial Lecture
T Walsh
107 1969 Modern Methods for Promoting the Sale of Fertilisers
A E Cascino
118 1970 Basis of Current Fertiliser Recommendations in England and Wales
J L Hooper
126 1972 Influence of the Changing Pattern in Agriculture on Fertiliser Use
K W Smilde
130 1972 Emploi des Aides Audiovisuelles dans L'Education Technique des Agriculteurs
M C Scoupe
135 1973 Fertilisers, Farming Practice and Water Quality
G J Kolenbrander
190 1980 Changes in Fertiliser Use in the UK from 1950 to 1980
G W Cooke
263 1987 Nitrogen Advice for Cereals: Present Realities and Future Possibilities
R Sylvester-Bradley T M Addiscott L V Vaidyanathan A W A Murray A P Whitmore
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
W H Prins K Dilz J J Neeteson
332 1992 Environmental Consequences of Different Farming Systems using Good Agricultural Practices
G Bertilsson
345 1993 Towards Integrated Nutrient Management
P J Van Erp O Oenema
347 1993 Communicating the Principles of Sustainable Agriculture to the Farmer
G Thevenet L Lescar J R Archer
358 1994 Soil Protection through Good Agricultural Practice
R J Unwin
359 1994 Nitrate - Best Agricultural Practice for Water
B T Croll
360 1994 Best Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air
O Bøckman
361 1994 Future Needs for Best Practices in Fertiliser Manufacturing and Agriculture
R Perander M Calvert
391 1996 Precision Farming: Implications for Fertiliser Application Policies
C J Dawson
403 1997 Nitrogen Recommendation Systems - A Review
G H MacKenzie J-C Taureau
404 1997 Are Current Fertiliser Recommendation Systems for Phosphorus Adequate
A C Edwards P J A Withers T J Sims
405 1997 Control of Nutrient Losses to Water from Agriculture in Europe
J R Archer M J Marks
410 1998 Lime, Liming and the Management of Soil Acidity
K W T Goulding B Annis
411 1998 Soil and Plant Potassium in Agriculture
J Keith Syers
419 1998 Assessment of Some Spatially Variable Soil Factors Limiting Crop Yields
A E Johnston P B Barraclough P R Poulton C J Dawson
420 1998 Remote Sensing for Precision Soil and Crop Management
H Poilvé P Saint-Aubert
422 1998 Using Maps and Local Calculation Methods for Spatially Variable Fertiliser Recommendations
M Grandzinski M Vanoverstraeten D Schröder R C Finch
423 1998 Variable Nitrogen Application Based on Crop Sensing
J Wollring S Reusch C Karlsson
437 1999 Design, Development and Use of a National Survey of Fertiliser Applications
A G Chalmers A W Renwick A E Johnston C J Dawson
440 1999 Nutrient Record-Keeping and Reporting for Legislation, Crop Assurance and Traceability
O L H Møller Hansen J A Breembroek K A Lewis
443 1999 Integrated Crop Management: On-Farm Experience in Sweden and the UK
L Törner C J Drummond
444 1999 Quantifying Responsible Plant Nutrition - Introductory and Keynote Addresses, and Discussion - 8th Int. Conference
K F Isherwood D Richardson
457 2000 Development and Revision of National Recommendations for the Use of Fertilisers and Organic Manures in England and Wales
P M R Dampney
458 2000 A National Training and Certification Programme for Plant Nutrition Advisors
J L Salter I R Richards
465 2001 Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur Cycles in Agricultural Soils
A E Johnston P R Poulton J Keith Syers
473 2001 Modelling to Improve the Effectiveness of Fertiliser Recommendations
P de Willigen
503 2002 Sulphur Deficiency Diagnosis Using Plant Tissue Analysis
M M A Blake-Kalff F J Zhao S P McGrath
505 2002 Organic Manures as Sources of Fertiliser Sulphur
J Eriksen
506 2002 Sulphur Fertiliser Recommendations in Europe
K Walker C J Dawson
518 2003 Strategies to Meet Requirements of the EU-Nitrate Directive on Intensive Dairy Farms
H F M Aarts
519 2003 Strategies to Meet the Requirements of the Nitrate Directive on Arable and Field Vegetable Farms in the Netherlands
J W A Langeveld
520 2003 Nitrogen Input Controls on Danish Farms: Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Effects
L Knudsen
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in the Middle East and in European Mediterranean Countries
M Sne
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in Turkey
D Anaç N Eryüce
543 2004 Micronutrients in Plant Physiology: Functions, Uptake and Mobility
E A Kirkby V Roemheld
548 2004 Soil and Tissue Testing for Micronutrient Status
W Bussink E J M Temminghoff
549 2004 Micronutrients for Grass/Animal Systems
G E J Fisher
550 2004 Micronutrients for Perennial Fruit Crops: Identification and Treatment of Deficiencies
B Marangoni G Marcolini M Toselli
551 2004 Micronutrients in Arable and Field Vegetable Crop Production
I R Richards
552 2004 Identification and Correction of Widespread Zinc Deficiency in Turkey - A Success Story (A NATO-Science for Stability Project)
I Cakmak
569 2005 Decision Support Systems in Integrated Crop Nutrient Management
P E Fixen
574 2005 Manure as a Suitable Component of Precise Nitrogen Nutrition
J J Schröder
576 2005 Agronomic Knowledge Transfer from Research to the Field - 24th Francis New Memorial Lecture
I R Richards
589 2006 Changes in Understanding the Behaviour of Soil and Fertiliser Phosphorus: Implications for their Efficient Use in Agriculture
A E Johnston J Keith Syers
596 2006 Best Practice for Phosphorus Fertilisation on Farm
I R Richards
613 2007 Potassium and Soil Fertility: Long Term Experimental Evidence
A E Johnston
620 2007 Potassium and Magnesium Fertiliser Recommendations in Some European Countries
L M Ristimäki
621 2007 Recommendations and Use of Potassium Fertilisers in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE)
W Grzebisz M Fotyma
654 2009 Management of Nitrogen Inputs on Farm Within the EU Regulatory Framework
H F M ten Berge W van Dijk
660 2009 Nitrogen Fertilisation of Established Grassland for Milk and Meat
G E J Fisher E C Jewkes
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
V Parnaudeau M H Jeuffroy J M Machet R Reau C Bissuel Ph Eveillard H S Østergaard
J H Orson
662 2009 Improved Precision of Arable Nitrogen Applications: Requirements, Technologies and Implementation
H-W Olfs
681 2010 Catchment Agronomy: Processes, Mitigation Measures and Indicators to Protect Water Quality
C Gascuel-Odoux S Guiet T Morvan F Vertès
683 2010 Best Management Principles and Techniques to Optimise Nutrient Use Efficiency
L O Torres A Link
684 2010 Nutrient Planning in Dairy Farming on Temperate Grassland: The Need for an Integrated Approach
P R Scott
695 2011 Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Intensification
S M Bolton I R Crute
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
P M Berry R Sylvester-Bradley R Weightman
700 2011 Scope for Innovation in Crop Nutrition to Support Potential Crop Yields
R Sylvester-Bradley P J A Withers
715 2012 Targeted Phosphorus: A New Sustainable Approach to Phosphorus Fertiliser Management in Agriculture
P J A Withers R Sylvester-Bradley D L Jones
720 2012 Catch Crops in Practice in Danish Agriculture
L Knudsen
731 2013 Fertiliser Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
M Wanzala R Groot
733 2013 Quantification of the Value of Advisory Services from Fertiliser Companies
C Gibbs
734 2013 Method of Calculating Effects of Uneven Spreading of Fertiliser Nitrogen
I R Richards R D Hobson
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
L Jordan-Meille G H Rubæk P A I Ehlert V Genot G Hofman K W T Goulding J Recknagel
G Provolo P B Barraclough
737 2013 Sampling and Geostatistics for Precision Agriculture
M A Oliver R Kerry
738 2013 Testing for Plant Available Phosphorus in Soils
S Mundus A Carstensen S Husted
739 2013 Phosphorus Fertiliser Applications to Cereals: Comparing Different Methods for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
D P Wall M Plunkett R Hackett S T J Lalor
741 2013 Gypsum to Improve Soil Structure and to Reduce Phosphorus Loss
R Kauppila L Pietola
742 2014 Sulphur Availability from Organic Materials Applied to Winter Wheat
E Sagoo K A Smith F A Nicholson S P McGrath
753 2014 Spatial Variation of Soil Mineral Nitrogen as a Guide to Sampling for Site-Specific Management
M A Oliver C J Dawson
754 2014 Assessment and Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralisation and its Effect on Crop Productivity
M M A Blake-Kalff L Blake
755 2014 Improved Phosphorus Fertilisation Based on Better Prediction of Availability in Soil
A M D van Rotterdam D W Bussink J A Reijneveld
756 2014 Chlorophyll a Fluorescence - a Novel Tool for Diagnosis of Manganese Deficiency in Crops
P Pedas S B Schmidt K H Laursen S Husted
758 2014 Long-Term Trials Comparing Production Efficiencies of Conventional and Improved Cropping Systems
A Korsaeth
759 2014 Effect of Soil pH on Emissions of Nitrous Oxide
L R Bakken
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
Ph Eveillard M Lambert M Herve A Bouthier L Champolivier S Marquis C Rocca
D Roussel
772 2015 Factors Affecting Soil pH and the Use of Different Liming Materials
K W T Goulding
773 2015 Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) - An Indicator for the Utilisation of Nitrogen in Agricultural and Food Systems
O Oenema
774 2015 Fertilisation for Optimised Yield can Minimise Nitrate Leaching in Grain Production
S Delin I Gruvaeus J Wetterlind M Stenberg G Frostgård K Börling C Olsson
A Krijger
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
D Fangueiro S Surgy I Fraga E Vasconcelos J Coutinho
776 2015 Continuing Revision of National Fertiliser Recommendations Through Co-Operative Action
J Holmes
777 2015 Practical Action on Farm to Reduce Rural Diffuse Pollution
M Aitken S Field
779 2015 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Achieving Agronomic and Environmental Goals
D P Wall N T McDonald
789 2016 Updating Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations: Principles and Practice
J P Newell Price M Lobley J R Williams
790 2016 Crop Available Nitrogen Supply from Food-based Digestate
A Bhogal F A Nicholson M Taylor A Rollett J R Williams
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
S M Clarke S E Roques P M Berry J P Newell Price S M Knight
802 2017 Role of fertilisers for climate-resilient agriculture
J S Angle U Singh C O Dimkpa D Hellums P S Bindraban
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
J-P Cohan F X Oury A Mailliard J Lorgeou C Le Souder S Praud M H Bernicot
J Le Gouis
810 2017 Soil aggregate stability and macrofauna as indicators of soil health and sustainable agricultural systems
J L Stroud C W Watts
811 2017 Developments in the use of chlorophyll a fluorescence to diagnose phosphorus deficiency in plants
A Carstensen S Husted
812 2017 Crop spectral reflectance to support decision making on crop nutrition
J-P Goffart A Gobin C Delloye Y Curnel
813 2017 Effect of agronomic management on pasture response and fertiliser phosphorus use efficiency over time: an Australian perspective
T I McLaren
815 2017 Ammonia emissions from pasture-based production systems: a collation of Irish research
W Burchill P J Forrestal I Kavanagh G J Lanigan

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