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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Slow Release Fertilisers)

Slow Release Fertilisers Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
75 1963 Agricultural Evaluation of Nitrophosphates with Particular Reference to Direct and Cumulative Phosphate Effects, and to Interaction between Water Solubility and Granule Size
P F J van Burg
75 1963 Agricultural Value of some Water and Citrate Soluble Phosphate Fertilisers: An Account of Recent Work at Rothamsted and Elsewhere
G E G Mattingly
90 1966 Isobutylidene Diurea as a Slow Acting Nitrogen Fertiliser and the Studies in this Field in Japan
Masao Hamamoto
153 1976 Slow Release Fertilisers, Particularly Sulphur-Coated Urea
L H Davies
180 1979 Practical Experience with Ureaform Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser During the past 20 Years and Outlook for the Future
H Schneider L Veegans
268 1988 Slow Release - True or False? A Case for Control
F N Wilson
426 1998 Precision Farming: On-farm Experience
J P Fenton
430 1999 Comparisons Between Different Sources of Phosphate Applied Directly to Soil and via Fertigation
L M Ristimäki
431 1999 Preparation Methods and Release Mechanisms of Controlled Release Fertilisers: Agronomic Efficiency and Environmental Significance
A Shaviv
432 1999 Speciality Mineral and Organo-Mineral Fertilisers - Products and Markets
A Rainbow
454 2000 Urease Activity and Inhibition - Principles and Practice
C J Watson
455 2000 Development and Testing of a New Nitrification Inhibitor
W Zerulla K F Kummer A Wissemeier M Rädle
469 2001 Improvement of Fertiliser Efficiency - Product Processing, Positioning and Application Methods
A Shaviv
658 2009 Modification of Nitrogen Fertilisers Using Inhibitors: Opportunities and Potentials for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C J Watson R J Laughlin K L McGeough
769 2015 Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value - The 29th Francis New Memorial Lecture
A H Roy
781 2016 Current Developments in Controlled Release Fertilisers
J G A Terlingen S Radersma G J J Out J Hernández-Martínez P C Raemakers-Franken

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