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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Sustainability)

Sustainability Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
254 1987 Fertilisers in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges - Fifteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
S K Mukherjee
275 1988 EEC Management of Agricultural Production and its Implications for the Fertiliser Industry
A J Williams
335 1993 The Demand for Sustainability
P B H Tinker
340 1993 Soil Nutrient Balance: an Indicator of Sustainable Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
E M A Smaling
340 1993 Fertiliser Use and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia
H R von Uexküll E W Mutert
341 1993 Agriculture, Ecology and Society
O Pettersson
343 1993 Sustainable Fertiliser Use
J S Bailey
344 1993 Towards a Sustainable Agriculture in the UK
T O'Riordan
345 1993 Towards Integrated Nutrient Management
P J Van Erp O Oenema
346 1993 Less-Intensive Integrated Farming Systems for Arable Crop Production and Environmental Protection
V W L Jordan J A Hutcheon
347 1993 Communicating the Principles of Sustainable Agriculture to the Farmer
G Thevenet L Lescar J R Archer
348 1993 Sustainable Agricultural Production in Western Europe - A Balanced Approach
J A Farmer
349 1993 Sustainability - Keynote Address and Discussion - 2nd Int. Conf. Dec. 1993
J S Gummer
358 1994 Soil Protection through Good Agricultural Practice
R J Unwin
369 1995 Integrated Fertiliser Management: The Way Forward for the Third World?
Prof. J D H Keatinge
370 1995 Constraints on the World's Small Farmers
E R Ørskov
377 1995 Beyond 2000 - Issues for the Nutrient Input to World Agriculture - Keynote Address and Discussion - 4th Int. Conf. Dec. 1995
J-C Ignazi
402 1997 Integrating Agricultural Nutrient Management with Environmental Objectives - Current State & Future Prospects
D S Powlson
410 1998 Lime, Liming and the Management of Soil Acidity
K W T Goulding B Annis
438 1999 Life Cycle Approach to Nutrient and Energy Efficiency in European Agriculture
J Küsters
440 1999 Nutrient Record-Keeping and Reporting for Legislation, Crop Assurance and Traceability
O L H Møller Hansen J A Breembroek K A Lewis
441 1999 Public Confidence in Fertilisers and in Food Quality and Safety
M N Hall J L Jones
442 1999 Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture: Use and Management of Nutrients
K Parris L Reille
443 1999 Integrated Crop Management: On-Farm Experience in Sweden and the UK
L Törner C J Drummond
444 1999 Quantifying Responsible Plant Nutrition - Introductory and Keynote Addresses, and Discussion - 8th Int. Conference
K F Isherwood D Richardson
459 2001 Principles of Crop Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production
A E Johnston
460 2001 Prospects for Food Demand and Supply Towards 2020
R Pandya-Lorch P Pinstrup-Andersen M W Rosegrant
461 2001 Fertiliser Supply and Demand Balances - A Review and Projection
L M Maene
463 2001 Dynamics of Soil and Fertiliser Nitrogen in Arable Systems
S Recous
464 2001 Gaseous Loss of Oxides of Nitrogen from the Agricultural Nitrogen Cycle
D E Rolston R T Venterea
471 2001 Organic Farming - Nutrient Management and Productivity
P B H Tinker
472 2001 Organic and Conventional Grown Foodstuffs: Nutritional and Toxicological Quality Comparisons
J Kumpulainen
475 2001 Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems
M K Garrett
476 2001 Energy Balances in Different Agricultural Systems - Can they be Improved?
K-J Hülsbergen W-D Kalk
477 2001 Life Cycle Analysis: An Expanded Perspective
A C Janetos A Wagener
485 2001 Management for Biodiversity in Grassland Farming Systems
J H McAdam J A Kerr G E J Fisher J R B Tallowin
507 2003 Fertiliser Consumption and Production: Long Term World Prospects - 23rd Francis New Memorial Lecture
K F Isherwood
510 2003 Biodiesel and Bioethanol: Energy and Carbon Balances of Biofuels Production
R E Horne N D Mortimer M A Elsayed
511 2003 Energy Use in Conventional and Organic Farming Systems
W J Corré J J Schröder A Verhagen
517 2003 Effect of Nitrate Legislation on Fertiliser Nitrogen Management for Grassland
J Humphreys K O'Connell C J Watson
519 2003 Strategies to Meet the Requirements of the Nitrate Directive on Arable and Field Vegetable Farms in the Netherlands
J W A Langeveld
529 2003 Nutrient Management in Soil and Soil-less Culture in the Netherlands: Towards Environmental Goals
W Voogt
529 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping: the Need for Automated Control
P Stradiot
542 2004 Micronutrients in the Diet for Human Health and Welfare
J R Arthur
563 2005 Sustainable Soil and Nutrient Management: EU Environmental Policy Aspects
M Hamell
564 2005 Soil Management for Nutrient Use Efficiency: An Overview
P J Gregory T S George
565 2005 Soil Organic Matter: Its Importance in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
A E Johnston P R Poulton
566 2005 Soil Microbial Biomass: Its Role in Nitrogen Cycling and Efficiency.
S Recous
569 2005 Decision Support Systems in Integrated Crop Nutrient Management
P E Fixen
572 2005 Salinisation and its Effect on Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency: Opportunities for Genetic Improvements
W A Brandenburg
574 2005 Manure as a Suitable Component of Precise Nitrogen Nutrition
J J Schröder
577 2005 Improvement in Farm and Nutrient Management through Precision Farming
R J Bryson
578 2006 Integrated Farm Management: Principles and Progress of Good Agricultural Practice
C J Drummond
579 2006 Integrated Nutrient Management on Farm: Three Case Studies
H Wahlstedt L Törner A Guy P Huxtable
592 2006 Phosphate Rock: Using Biological Processes to Increase Its Effectiveness as a Fertiliser
E A Stockdale C A Watson A C Edwards
593 2006 Long-Term Effect on Soil of Restricted Use of Phosphate Fertilisers
P A I Ehlert C van der Salm O Schoumans
596 2006 Best Practice for Phosphorus Fertilisation on Farm
I R Richards
609 2007 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Nutrient and Water Use Efficiencies
S M Brouder J J Volenec
610 2007 Effect of Potassium Nutrition on Pest and Disease Resistance in Plants
A Amtmann S Troufflard P Armengaud
611 2007 Role of Potassium in Alleviating Abiotic Stress
I Cakmak
612 2007 Role of Magnesium Nutrition in Growth and Stress Tolerance
I Cakmak E A Kirkby
613 2007 Potassium and Soil Fertility: Long Term Experimental Evidence
A E Johnston
623 2008 Food, Fertilisers and Footprints - An Environmental Essay. 25th Francis New Memorial Lecture
C J Dawson
624 2008 Relationships Between Nutrient Recycling, Environmental Impacts and Agricultural Production
J J Schröder J F F P Bos
630 2008 Resource or Waste: the Reality of Nutrient Recycling to Land
A E Johnston
631 2008 Compost: Production, Use and Impact on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
M P Bernal
632 2008 Anaerobic Digestion of Farm Manures and Other Products for Energy Recovery and Nutrient Recycling
J Morgan B F Pain
633 2008 Sustainability Aspects of Biofuel Production
W J Corré J G Conijn
635 2008 Nutrient and Carbon Recovery from Household and Food Biowastes
T D Evans
652 2009 Impact of Soil Microbial Biomass and Fertiliser Source on Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C Bosshard A Oberson J Mayer
663 2009 Can Organic Farming Feed the World? A Contribution to the Debate on the Ability of Organic Farming Systems to Provide Sustainable Supplies of Food
K W T Goulding A J Trewavas K E Giller
664 2009 Integrating Nitrogen Use and Food Production with Environmental Expectations
J W Erisman
665 2009 Need for Agro-Ecological Intelligence to Limit Trade-offs between Global Food, Feed and Fuel
P S Bindraban
668 2010 The Phosphate Life-Cycle: Rethinking the Options for a Finite Resource
J Hilton A E Johnston C J Dawson
670 2010 Greenhouse Gas Budgets of Crop Production and the Mitigation Potential of Nutrient Management
H C Flynn P Smith
676 2010 Different Soil Cultivation Systems and their Implications for Nutrient Planning and Energy Use
A R Leake
678 2010 Controlled Traffic Farming to Improve Soil Structure and Crop Productivity
G D Vermeulen W C T Chamen
680 2010 Treatment and Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
J Hagin M Khamis A Manassra J Abbadi M Qurie A Bulad L Al Hadidi
R Semiat A Shaviv I Katz C Dosoretz O Blonder
681 2010 Catchment Agronomy: Processes, Mitigation Measures and Indicators to Protect Water Quality
C Gascuel-Odoux S Guiet T Morvan F Vertès
685 2010 Future Supply of Phosphorus in Agriculture and the Need to Maximise Efficiency of Use and Reuse
A Rosemarin J J Schröder L Dagerskog D Cordell A L Smit
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
P S Bindraban J G Conijn R E E Jongschaap J Qi M A Hanjra J W Kijne P Steduto
H M J Udo T Owels I de Boer
687 2011 LCA to Assess the Environmental Impact of Different Fertilisers and Agricultural Systems
F Brentrup J Lammel
688 2011 Nutrient and Carbon Cycling in Agro-Ecosystems and their Interactions with Ecosystem Services. 27th Francis New Memorial Lecture
J J Neeteson
695 2011 Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Intensification
S M Bolton I R Crute
696 2011 Plant Breeding Priorities: Variety Development at a Crossroads
S P J Kightley
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
P M Berry R Sylvester-Bradley R Weightman
699 2011 Feeding the World: Crop Diversity for the Future
G C Hawtin
700 2011 Scope for Innovation in Crop Nutrition to Support Potential Crop Yields
R Sylvester-Bradley P J A Withers
701 2011 Role of Mineral Fertilisers in Optimising the Use Efficiency of Manure and Land
J J Schröder P Sørensen
703 2011 Nitrogen Utilisation in Farming Systems: Optimisation to Minimise Losses
T Dalgaard N J Hutchings C D Børgesen F P Vinther B Hansen
710 2012 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Associated with Nitrogen Use on Arable Crops in England
R E Thorman K E Smith R M Rees M Chauhan G Bennett S Malkin D G Munro
R Sylvester-Bradley
715 2012 Targeted Phosphorus: A New Sustainable Approach to Phosphorus Fertiliser Management in Agriculture
P J A Withers R Sylvester-Bradley D L Jones
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
E Justes N Beaudoin P Bertuzzi R Charles C Dürr J Constantin C Hermon
A Joannon C Le Bas B Mary C Mignolet F Montfort L Ruiz J P Sarthou
V Souchère J Tournebize I Savini O Réchauchère
720 2012 Catch Crops in Practice in Danish Agriculture
L Knudsen
724 2013 Revisiting and Updating the Effect of Phosphorus Fertilisers on Cadmium Accumulation in European Soils
E Smolders
729 2013 Fertilisers and Agriculture: Meeting the Challenges Sustainably - 28th Francis New Memorial Lecture
L M Maene
736 2013 Soil Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B Ball P Hargreaves J Cloy
740 2013 Effects of Soil Compaction and Tillage on Nutrient Availability and Crop Productivity
J Arvidsson A Etana V Kainiemi
741 2013 Gypsum to Improve Soil Structure and to Reduce Phosphorus Loss
R Kauppila L Pietola
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
B Christensen F Bentrup L Six C Pallière A Hoxha
758 2014 Long-Term Trials Comparing Production Efficiencies of Conventional and Improved Cropping Systems
A Korsaeth
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
B T Christensen L Elsgaard
763 2015 Review of Promising Methods for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling from Wastewater
C Kabbe J C Remy F Kraus
769 2015 Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value - The 29th Francis New Memorial Lecture
A H Roy
779 2015 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Achieving Agronomic and Environmental Goals
D P Wall N T McDonald
791 2016 Effect on Soil Nutrient Status of Input/Output Balances for Phosphate and Potassium in France
Ph Eveillard N P A Saby L Gouny P Denoroy B Lemercier
794 2016 Managing Soils to Alleviate Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southern Africa: Possibilities and Knowledge Gaps
M G Manzeke F Mtambanengwe M J Watts M R Broadley P Mapfumo
795 2016 Estimation of Global Yield Gaps and Implications from their Analysis
M K van Ittersum S C de Vries P A J van Oort P Grassini
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen
802 2017 Role of fertilisers for climate-resilient agriculture
J S Angle U Singh C O Dimkpa D Hellums P S Bindraban
810 2017 Soil aggregate stability and macrofauna as indicators of soil health and sustainable agricultural systems
J L Stroud C W Watts
813 2017 Effect of agronomic management on pasture response and fertiliser phosphorus use efficiency over time: an Australian perspective
T I McLaren
814 2017 The greener nitrogen revolution: cereal and other non-legume crop symbiotic nitrogen fixation
E C Cocking
815 2017 Ammonia emissions from pasture-based production systems: a collation of Irish research
W Burchill P J Forrestal I Kavanagh G J Lanigan

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