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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Uptake by Plants)

Uptake by Plants Agronomy & Fertiliser Use Agronomic
No. Year Description
48 1958 Entry of Nutrients into the Plant and their Movement within it
E C Humphries
84 1964 Absorption of Inorganic Nutrients by Plants
Prof. J F Sutcliffe
164 1977 Foliar Fertilisation with Primary Nutrients During the Reproductive Stage of Plant Growth
Robert C Gray
204 1981 Crop Nutrition in Nutrient Film Culture
S J Richardson
411 1998 Soil and Plant Potassium in Agriculture
J Keith Syers
419 1998 Assessment of Some Spatially Variable Soil Factors Limiting Crop Yields
A E Johnston P B Barraclough P R Poulton C J Dawson
466 2001 Fertiliser Usage and the Mineral Requirements of Grazing Livestock
R G Hemingway J J Parkins
467 2001 Selenium Inclusion in Fertilisers to Correct an Inadequate National Dietary Intake
H Hartikainen P Ekholm
468 2001 New Irrigation Methods to Increase Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency
D Mingo W J Davies
469 2001 Improvement of Fertiliser Efficiency - Product Processing, Positioning and Application Methods
A Shaviv
470 2001 Plant Growth Stimulation by Humic Substances and their Complexes with Iron
Y Chen H Magen C E Clapp
474 2001 Plant Factors and Opportunities for the Improvement of Root Functioning
W J Davies C Dobson T Rados-Blanusa
500 2002 Sulphur in Plant Physiology
L J De Kok A Castro M Durenkamp C E Stuiver S Westerman L Yang I Stulen
503 2002 Sulphur Deficiency Diagnosis Using Plant Tissue Analysis
M M A Blake-Kalff F J Zhao S P McGrath
504 2002 Crop Responses to Sulphur Fertilisation in Europe
F J Zhao S P McGrath M M A Blake-Kalff A Link M R Tucker
505 2002 Organic Manures as Sources of Fertiliser Sulphur
J Eriksen
525 2003 Crop Nutrient Requirements and Management in Protected Cultivation
L F M Marcelis C C De Groot F M Del Amor A Elings M Heinen P H B De Visser
526 2003 Nutrition of Protected Leaf Vegetables
I G Burns A Escobar-Gutierrez K Zhang
527 2003 Nutrition of Protected Fruit Vegetables
A Bar-Tal B Aloni L Karni H Aktaf
528 2003 Nutrition of Protected Strawberries
F Lieten
543 2004 Micronutrients in Plant Physiology: Functions, Uptake and Mobility
E A Kirkby V Roemheld
544 2004 Micronutrients in Soil and Agrosystems: Occurrence and Availability
A E Johnston
567 2005 Nutrient Uptake Efficiency at the Soil-Root Interface: Interactions with Water Stress
P M Neumann
568 2005 Genetic Modifications to Improve Phosphorus Acquisition by Roots
P J White M R Broadley D J Greenwood J P Hammond
570 2005 Nutrient Uptake Efficiency Relative to Location in the Root Zone and to Stratification
M M Alley
571 2005 Fertigation Frequency and Nutrient Uptake by Plants: Benefits and Constraints
A Silber
573 2005 Foliar Urea Fertilisation and the Management of Yield and Quality in Wheat
M J Gooding
575 2005 Heavy Metals in Fertilisers: Their Effect on Soil and Plant Health
J J Mortvedt
588 2006 Physiological Aspects of Plant Phosphorus in Relation to Its Acquisition from the Soil by Crop Plants
E A Kirkby V Roemheld
589 2006 Changes in Understanding the Behaviour of Soil and Fertiliser Phosphorus: Implications for their Efficient Use in Agriculture
A E Johnston J Keith Syers
605 2007 Mechanisms of Potassium Transport in Plants
D T Britto H J Kronzucker
606 2007 Potassium Transporters and Plant Salt Tolerance
S Shabala T A Cuin
607 2007 Crops and Genotypes Differ in Efficiency of Potassium Uptake and Use
Z Rengel P M Damon
609 2007 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Nutrient and Water Use Efficiencies
S M Brouder J J Volenec
610 2007 Effect of Potassium Nutrition on Pest and Disease Resistance in Plants
A Amtmann S Troufflard P Armengaud
611 2007 Role of Potassium in Alleviating Abiotic Stress
I Cakmak
612 2007 Role of Magnesium Nutrition in Growth and Stress Tolerance
I Cakmak E A Kirkby
614 2007 Potassium Influence on Crop Yield and Quality
W T Pettigrew
615 2007 Potassium and Nitrogen Interactions in Crop Production
G F J Milford A E Johnston
616 2007 Magnesium Functions in Crop Nutrition and Yield
V Roemheld E A Kirkby
651 2009 Nitrogen in Agriculture: An Overview and Definitions of Nitrogen Use Efficiency
A E Johnston P R Poulton
652 2009 Impact of Soil Microbial Biomass and Fertiliser Source on Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C Bosshard A Oberson J Mayer
653 2009 Nitrogen in Physiology - An Agronomic Perspective and Implications for the Use of Different Nitrogen Forms
E A Kirkby J Le Bot S Adamowicz V Roemheld
656 2009 Nitrogen Recovery from Organic Manures: Improved Slurry Application Techniques and Treatment - the Danish Scenario
T S Birkmose
657 2009 Nitrogen Efficiency and Ammonia Emissions from Urea-based and Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
B J Chambers P M R Dampney
658 2009 Modification of Nitrogen Fertilisers Using Inhibitors: Opportunities and Potentials for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C J Watson R J Laughlin K L McGeough
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
V Parnaudeau M H Jeuffroy J M Machet R Reau C Bissuel Ph Eveillard H S Østergaard
J H Orson
668 2010 The Phosphate Life-Cycle: Rethinking the Options for a Finite Resource
J Hilton A E Johnston C J Dawson
675 2010 Physical, Chemical and Biological Attributes of Agricultural Soils
A E Johnston C J Dawson
682 2010 Fertigation Management Using Soil Sensor Controls in Field Cropping, with Flow-Aid Case Study
J Balendonck B A J van Tuijl F L K Kempkes J Wilms J J de Haan
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
P M Berry R Sylvester-Bradley R Weightman
698 2011 Enhancing Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Sludge Application to Arable Land
M Pawlett R Sakrabani R Read L K Deeks S Tyrrel M S Le
700 2011 Scope for Innovation in Crop Nutrition to Support Potential Crop Yields
R Sylvester-Bradley P J A Withers
711 2012 Recent Advances in Understanding the Role of Potassium and Magnesium in Mitigating Abiotic Stress in Crops
A Gransee H-P König H Führs J McHoul
713 2012 Development of a Novel Technology for Delivering Soil Applied Micronutrient Fertilisers to Crops
M Goodwin
723 2013 Fertiliser Phosphorus Diffusion and Availability: Recent Work on Movement in Soil
A F Rangel Becerra L O Torres Dorante M Basten J Lammel
739 2013 Phosphorus Fertiliser Applications to Cereals: Comparing Different Methods for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
D P Wall M Plunkett R Hackett S T J Lalor
740 2013 Effects of Soil Compaction and Tillage on Nutrient Availability and Crop Productivity
J Arvidsson A Etana V Kainiemi
742 2014 Sulphur Availability from Organic Materials Applied to Winter Wheat
E Sagoo K A Smith F A Nicholson S P McGrath
750 2014 Towards Fertilisers for Improved Uptake by Plants
P S Bindraban C O Dimkpa L Nagarajan A H Roy R Rabbinge
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
Ph Eveillard M Lambert M Herve A Bouthier L Champolivier S Marquis C Rocca
D Roussel
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
B T Christensen L Elsgaard
778 2015 Is Inadequate Rooting Limiting Resource Capture and Yield?
C A White R Sylvester-Bradley P M Berry
792 2016 Potassium Management in Soils and Crops: A Review
A E Johnston P R Poulton K W T Goulding A J Macdonald M J Glendining
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
J-P Cohan F X Oury A Mailliard J Lorgeou C Le Souder S Praud M H Bernicot
J Le Gouis
811 2017 Developments in the use of chlorophyll a fluorescence to diagnose phosphorus deficiency in plants
A Carstensen S Husted
814 2017 The greener nitrogen revolution: cereal and other non-legume crop symbiotic nitrogen fixation
E C Cocking

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