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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Developing Countries)

Developing Countries Specific Countries Agronomic
No. Year Description
73 1962 Developments in the F.A.O. Fertiliser Programme Under the Freedom from Hunger Campaign
H L Richardson
83 1964 Future Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries and Crop Response to Fertiliser in these Countries
V Ignatieff J J Doyle J W Couston
160 1976 Role of the World Bank in Helping to Meet the Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries
W F Sheldrick
172 1978 Improving the Implementation of Fertiliser Projects in Developing Countries - Some Suggestions
P L Baldwin C J Henty
173 1978 Constraints to Increased Fertiliser Use in Developing Countries and Means to Overcome Them
M Mathieu J de la Vega
174 1978 Experience of the Design and Operation of Fertiliser Plants in Developing Countries
J P Hill
188 1980 Fertiliser Requirements in Developing Countries
A von Peter
196 1981 Fertilisers for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agriculture - Twelfth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Donald L McCune
254 1987 Fertilisers in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges - Fifteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
S K Mukherjee
369 1995 Integrated Fertiliser Management: The Way Forward for the Third World?
Prof. J D H Keatinge
370 1995 Constraints on the World's Small Farmers
E R Ørskov
794 2016 Managing Soils to Alleviate Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southern Africa: Possibilities and Knowledge Gaps
M G Manzeke F Mtambanengwe M J Watts M R Broadley P Mapfumo
795 2016 Estimation of Global Yield Gaps and Implications from their Analysis
M K van Ittersum S C de Vries P A J van Oort P Grassini

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