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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Europe)

Europe Specific Countries Agronomic
No. Year Description
27 1954 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilisers in North-Western Europe
G W Cooke
148 1975 Trends in the European Fertiliser Industry
J van Steenis
199 1981 Nitrogen and Intensification of Livestock Farming in EEC Countries
P F J van Burg W H Prins D J den Boer W J Sluiman
211 1982 Fertilisers and Intensive Wheat Production in the EEC - Symposium
P F J van Burg W H Prins D J den Boer W J Sluiman
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and its Interaction with other Cultural Measures: Experience in the Federal Republic of Germany
H Sturm H Effland
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and Methods of Predicting the N Requirements of Winter Wheat in the Federal Republic of Germany
F A Becker W Aufhammer
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisers in Intensive Wheat Growing in France
J C Remy Ph Viaux
211 1982 Intensive Wheat Production as Related to Nitrogen Fertilisation, Crop Protection and Soil Nitrogen: Experience in the Benelux
K Dilz A Darwinkel R Boon L M J Verstraeten
211 1982 Nitrogen in Wheat Production: Responses, Interactions and Predictions of Nitrogen Requirements in the UK
P Needham
211 1982 Maximising Wheat Yields, and some Causes of Yield Variation
P B H Tinker F V Widdowson
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M P Kurtanjak M N Park T D Phillips
220 1983 Fertiliser Value of Animal Manures on the Continent
T A Van Dijk H Sturm
275 1988 EEC Management of Agricultural Production and its Implications for the Fertiliser Industry
A J Williams
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
W H Prins K Dilz J J Neeteson
290 1990 Trends in the West European Fertiliser Industry
M R Freeman S Mitchell
291 1990 Trends and Future Prospects in the West European NPK Fertiliser Industry
P Laurila
333 1992 Fertilisers in the European Environment - The Way Ahead
A J Williams
348 1993 Sustainable Agricultural Production in Western Europe - A Balanced Approach
J A Farmer
385 1996 Risk Assessment in EU Safety Legislation - Adoption and Use
H Hagen
405 1997 Control of Nutrient Losses to Water from Agriculture in Europe
J R Archer M J Marks
490 2002 Official Analytical Methods and Legal Tolerances for Fertilisers in Europe
V Czikkely
491 2002 National and European Regulations for Fertiliser Products
P L Graziano M Perelli R Calzavara D J Heather
506 2002 Sulphur Fertiliser Recommendations in Europe
K Walker C J Dawson
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
J Paprocki A Biskupski H Górecki J Hoffmann P Malinowski
521 2003 Greenhouse Crop Production in Europe and its Perspective in the 21st Century
E Heuvelink J H Lee O van Kooten
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in the Middle East and in European Mediterranean Countries
M Sne
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in Turkey
D Anaç N Eryüce
620 2007 Potassium and Magnesium Fertiliser Recommendations in Some European Countries
L M Ristimäki
621 2007 Recommendations and Use of Potassium Fertilisers in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE)
W Grzebisz M Fotyma
638 2008 Phosphorus Imports, Exports, Fluxes and Sinks in Europe
I R Richards C J Dawson
642 2008 Assessment of Manure Transport Distances and their Impact on Economic and Energy Costs
R Fealy J J Schröder
654 2009 Management of Nitrogen Inputs on Farm Within the EU Regulatory Framework
H F M ten Berge W van Dijk
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
A Hoxha T K Jenssen C Pallière M Cryans
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
L Jordan-Meille G H Rubæk P A I Ehlert V Genot G Hofman K W T Goulding J Recknagel
G Provolo P B Barraclough

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